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Why are underwears disappearing?

Written by Akinmade

Young people all over the world, Nigerians inclusive are dispensing with the use of underwears. And the habit is fast catching up with many people, celebrities and even everyday people

Solomon Umoke

Is it possible to live without being influenced by others? Can you truly have a lifestyle of your own separate from the influence of others and the society you live in?

Many trends start with celebrities, who in some cases are criticized by the elite community, but largely accepted and copied by their fans.

Nigerians being a generally trendy group of people are very influential when it comes to fashion and gadgets. Some trends creep in slowly with little acceptance at first and then they slowly grow into wider acceptance.

No doubt, the apparent change in underwear wearing habit among young people is another one of society’s influence on the people. All across the globe, teenagers and young adults are doing away from wearing their panties, bras and briefs.

The habit is not limit to Caucasians alone, as Africans and other people are taking up the habit. Likewise, celebrities and entertainment personalities are coming out openly to declare they practice this habit. On this list are Rihana, Kim Kardashian, Jeniffer Lopez, Simeon Crowell, Kate Winslet and Nigeria’s Toke Makinwa.  So, it is a little wonder that the habit is becoming quite a trend today.

If you keep your eyes lower a little, but not enough to be considered a pervert, you will have probably noticed how underpants are missing in some people’s outfit lately.

Known as going commando, the habit of not wearing underwear is done by many people for different reasons.

Priscilla, a 26-year- old lady from Badagry, Lagos State is always quick to explain how much she loves the freedom that comes with going out without either her panties or bras. However, she explained that it would be near impossible for people to spot this, except they keep keen eyes on her, as she tries to play it moderately.

“It is freeing to go bare underneath,” she said, explaining that she will go without pant whenever she had jeans on, “because they serve no purpose under a jean.”

However, she said when it comes to other attires she might choose to wear pants or not.

And for bras, she rarely wears those, except it is for an official outing. When asked if she will be ok with a spouse or partner who also prefers not to wear under-garments, she said, “I have no problem with it, as long as it is decent, it is totally fine by me. Do whatever makes you comfortable.”

Being an advocate of free women expression, Priscilla thinks that society’s expectation on women’s fashion and styles is simply unfair as it stifles women and makes some women wear what discomfort them just to live up to societal expectation.

She said there had been moments when she had been prejudiced by some men, who upon noticing she was not wearing any bra had given her cold stares and even labelling her a prostitute.

The men are also not left out in the going commando in style. Pedro, a 32-year- old man from Warri is one of them. He said he doesn’t wear pants because it makes him comfortable.

“I love to let it dangle. There is no worse discomfort than when your underwear is stuck between your scrotum and your thighs, or when they keep sliding upward and squeezing your scrotum. You just want to rip them out and throw them out.” He said.

 Pedro also made sure to state clearly that he only goes out without underwear if he’s wearing jeans, and not something light or revealing like sweatpants or native attires.

“I’m not a showoff,” he said.

Uche Charles, a 23-year-old dancer, believes younger people are no longer wearing underwear because they want simple clothing on their body.

“Aside from this, young people especially ladies out there want to attract the opposite sex and the only way they can do it is to be ‘wearless’,” he said.

He said he doesn’t wear singlets or pants but only boxers.

“At times, I don’t wear anything and I only wear my jeans trouser and go out. We are now in the fashion world so there is nothing wrong with not wearing underwear if you want to go out,” he said.

Not wearing underwear appear to be good medically as many medical practitioners advise people, especially females to stop wearing tight jeans, synthetic panties and leggings, and not to sleep with their panties on, to keep the vagina area dry and prevent vaginal infections.

Investigations revealed that the benefits of not wearing underwear are the same for male and female. However, the differences in male and female genitalia, give some slight benefits to each.

For the female, it reduces the risk of developing yeast infections, as some bacteria like candida thrives in warm, moist environments. Also, it helps reduces vaginal odour and discomfort as there is no moisture from sweat and heat trapped in the genital area by underwear, protects the vulva from injury and the body from allergic reactions or sensitivities such as bumps, rashes, blisters, or irritation.

For the males, these benefits include prevention of crotch itch and other fungal infections; keeping the area stays cool and dry and reducing the chances of irritation and injury. There are also evidences that wearing underwear, especially tight underwear, can push the testicles against the body and raise the scrotal temperature.

However, some are averse to the idea of not wearing underwear outside the home. The aversion is based on many reasons ranging from modesty to culture.

Blessing, a 26-year-old cook thinks that it is inappropriate for a lady to step out of her house for the day, either for work or social activity without wearing any clean underwear. She said except for bedtime she always has a clean pair of pants and bras on, no matter the nature of her assignment outside her house.

She said it is irritating to see a man wears clothes of light material and no underpants on.

“On many occasions, I have spotted men in Ankara or light native attires with no underpants on. Also, some men will walk down the streets with grey sweatpants on and no underpants. This is disguising,” she said.

She was emphatic that her partner would not be allowed to go out without panties.

For Ada, a 23-year- old lady, her physique and profession appear to have influenced her position against not wearing underwear outside the home.

As a Micro-biologist, she advises that a lady should always have clean underwear on, as this will prevent the entry of micro-organism into the private part.

“A woman’s private part is an opening that could easily be intruded by micro-organisms which aren’t surprisingly abundant in our environment,” she said.

For her, her busty physique will never make her go bra-less outside her home.

“Being a busty person, if I go braless this will attract too much attention. I am more comfortable in a bra,” she said.

Yemisi, a 37-year-old woman is another lady who is against going commando. She said the idea is the initiative of the ‘generation.’

“I belong to the old school and I don’t believe one should not wear underwear. Anybody who fails to wear underwear is not a complete human being especially women. I don’t do it neither do I want my husband to do such. I prefer him to wear his underwear when he goes out. If he wants to stay at home, he can be without,” she said.

Samuel Chibuzor, a 54-year-old man is also in this category. He said he can’t do without his underwear outside his home.

“For me, I like to wear my underwear because I am used to it. I also like my wife to wear her underwear because wearing her underwear would make her a complete woman. I can only allow my wife not to wear any underwear when she is at home,” he said.

Chibiuzor said the reason the idea of not wearing underwear is spreading is that younger people now take it as a fashion statement and exhibitionist nature of some people. But he is not willing to rule out the fact that the idea might also be economically induced.

“Some people want to advertise themselves to the public. For instance, if a woman wears no bra or half bra, definitely it would attract the opposite sex which may give room for men to approach her. I also see the disappearance of underwear as a way of reducing cost. People nowadays are not ready to spend on underwear; they prefer to wear the clothes on their body,” he said.

But people that go commando are not averse to the idea of their partner also doing the same style.

Pedro and Uche said so.

“I wouldn’t mind if my partner goes out braless or pant-less. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as she is decent at it,” Pedro said.

“If my girlfriend feels like not wearing her underwear, I am not worried about that. I can support my girlfriend not to wear underwear depending on the places she is going to,” Uche said.

With going commando, It is obvious that whether the trend is inspired by celebrities it is spreading like wildfire and might be here to stay for a long time with us.

Let us know what you think of the emerging trend below, also feel free to weigh in on your preference. Are you for it, or are you against it? Also, do you mind if your partner prefers this fashion style?

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