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Watch As Flood Ravages A Desert Region In Saudi Arabia (VIDEO)

flood in the desert
Written by duyisegun

When you live in a desert kingdom, you’re more likely to worry about sandstorms and heat waves than you are to worry about destructive floods.

Medina, Saudi Arabia, experienced such a destructive force of nature that the city dweller had zero time to prepare for. The flood swept through the deep valleys around medina, looking like a blue vein in the yellowish-brown desert landscape.

The flood resulted from a powerful storm with brought a heavy down poor to the desert kingdom. The storm coincided with the final days of the Hajj pilgrimage, a period when millions visited the region from around the world.

The flood is reported to have claimed about 29 lives and destroyed billions in property value.

Watch the video below to see the destructive power of the flood.

Flood in Saudi Arabian desert

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