Usman, the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ retains the UFC welterweight championship

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Kamaru Usman, the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ UFC fighter has defeated Colby Covington by unanimous decision to retain the UFC welterweight championship at their rematch during UFC 268 at the Madison Square Garden on S/nday

The referees declared Usman the winner on 48-47, 48-7, 49-46 after the five-round match to confirm his superiority over Covington, having won their first fight with a fifth-round knockout.

The Sunday match saw Covington attempting an early takedown attempt but Usman was quick to counter. And just as Usman was looking to establish his jab, Covington was throwing strong punches in succession to wear down the Nigerian.

But Usman was a little more reserved with his combinations as he managed to clip Covington with a shot that opened a gash under his right eye in the first round ended.

In the second round, Usman went headhunting, connecting with the harder shots and late in the round, he rattled Covington with a short left hook and followed with another devastating left that put Covington down hard. But Covington was saved by the bell in the round.

As the third round got started, Covington made attempts to come back. This paid off late in the round when he lunged forward with a combination that caught Usman off guard before rushing ahead to drag the Usman to the ground.

In the later rounds, Covington started landing more punches and succeeded in rocking Usman several times with combinations of punches.  A hard kick to the body by Covington forced Usman to engage more in the exchanges.

Covington later connected with a hard uppercut and attempted a takedown attempt which Usman forced off. Usman would later take the fight back to the interim champion forcing Covington into defence landing solid more punches just as his Covington used power to stay on till the blast of the final bell.

After the Sunday match, Usman described Covington as a tough opponent, acknowledging that Covington has improved from their first bout.

“I wanted to get crazy and I wanted to get him out of there but I knew with a guy like this, he’s going to creep back in there and we’re going to end up in a situation we don’t wanna be in,” Usman said.

Usman proclaimed himself the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and Covington “the second-best guy” in the division.

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