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Unbelievable Coincidence; A Woman And her Boyfriend Proposed To Each Other At The Same Time. (VIDEO)

Couple propose to each other at the same time
Written by Solomon Unoke

It’s difficult enough to find true companionship, or real love, so many people have gone through their whole lives without a single person to share their feelings, that’s true lonliness.

And when you finally meet someone, you’re suddenly happier than you used to be, but no matter how you feel about them, there’s no way to know if they feel the same way about you. That is why so many have suffered heartbreak, and so many have lost faith in the existence of true love.

As humans, we keep thriving, we spend our lives in search for happiness, for love, for a true connection to someone who will finally make us feel seen, make us feel truly understood, and connected to another soul on this planet. And although the universe might be a cruel uncaring void, there are those moments of absolute bliss, those very few moments that rekindles you faith in humanity, and warms your heart, this is one of those.

These young lovers share a connection that very few people ever get to experience in their lifetimes. The bold young lady decided to take the big step to see if the man she loves would consider spending the rest of his life with her, but then the most amazing thing happened.

The question, would you marry me usually comes with two possible answers; you can get a positive response with confirms the mutual feelings of your partner, or you could have your heart broken with a disappointing “NO”.

She was in the for the surprise of her life when a third answer was suddenly created for the first time. It turns out her boyfriend had the exact same idea, he had been working around with a ring in his pocket, just waiting for the perfect moment.

They burst into laughter, heart definitely filled with joy, and love. And we wish them a blissful union.

Couple propose at the same time.

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