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Three new clubs/lounges in Abeokuta that are pulling the crowd

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Three new clubs/lounges are opened for business in Abeokuta and are pulling crowds with their variety of offers, despite the low downturn in the operating environment.

Ade Ishola

Three new clubs/lounges in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital are making waves and attracting the crowd. But they are hot and sizzling.

Last year was a bad year for the hospitality and entertainment sectors of the economy, with the rampaging Covid-19 and its accompanying restrictions and lockdowns. It was not a time for anybody to invest in these two sectors. Yet some brave entrepreneurs did.

These three new clubs are owned by these daring entrepreneurs, who are bold and can see the opportunities available in the sector and Abeokuta nightlife.

The three clubs/lounges: 306 Club/Lounge; MJ Creamy Lounge and 21 Lounge and Bar are just six months in operations and are already making waves in Abeokuta nightlife, especially among their target audience.

The 306 Lounge, located in the busy Quarry Road section of the city is just by the side of an old open bar that is considered by some night ballers as rowdy and rough; and another upscale club at the Quarry Imperial Hotel, just down the road.

By its location, the 306 Lounge is set itself for stiff competition, but the club is doing well with its strategy and competence of its management.

“We are set up for the ballers, those that are willing to spend and enjoy their evenings in the right cool environment that suit their status,” said Olayinka, a Manager at 306.

306, as a club/lounge, offers a variety of choices for the guests to unwind and enjoy their evening. The club, which opened last December, is vowing its crowd with its entertainment on offer.

“We have the best DJ in town, DJ Loaded. We also have one of the best hype-men in the business, VJ Teebanj. We guarantee the best entertainment for you as you step into our premises,” Olayinka said.

A visit to the lounge on a weekend night confirms this. The club’s atmosphere is completely different from the rowdy, loud scene on the street (Quarry Road) and around it. The club offers a different cool scene that a guest can relax and enjoy himself/ herself.

One of the unique services offered by 306 Lounge to its customers is the offer of small chops and finger foods on sales. This is for any guests that feel hungry as the evening wears down. On offer are small chops items, noodles and even rice.

306 Lounge’s management prides itself as offering ‘the best competitive prices on choice drinks and wines’ in town while it is always ready to talk about its excellent customer relationship that makes its guests turn to patrons and keep coming back to its premises, despite what might be considered competition very close-by.

However, a major disadvantage of 306 Lounge is the smallness of the space, it operates in. its bar is small and hence could not accommodate more people, now that a lot of people have come to appreciate its ‘goodies.’

“We are limited by the number of people we can accommodate at once. We have to strictly obey the social distance rule. Most times we have to politely ask people to leave so that others can come in,” Olayinka said.

For MJ Creamy, it is a hospitality outfit with a difference. Set up by Olamide, a young graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY), it is silently changing the concept of hospitality and entertainment in the Ogun State capital.

Tucked in a corner of Olusegun Osoba Street in the Jide Jones area of Oke-Ilewo in Abeokuta, MJ Creamy offers a variety of different offerings to customers, far different from what the litany of bars and lounges offer in the rocky city.

MJ Creamy seating arrangement

MJ Creamy’s main offers are healthy foods and drinks served in an excellent cool ambience that is a guarantee to make the guests forget their worries throughout the time spent on the premise.

 Olamide explained that MJ Creamy grew from her passion since her school days at MAPOLY when she used to offer healthy foods and drinks for sales. The business grew into an online on which later metamorphosed into the on-site lounge, which opened last December 20.

MJ Creamy

Olamide said her lounge’s opening was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns but she had to make a swift decision to start last year to be able to put her plans into actions and make the statement that MJ Creamy is all about.

“We are all about healthy living. We offer the best ambience in town for hanging out with your friends and family members,” Olamide said of MJ Creamy.

On offer at MJ Creamy are parfaits and yoghurts made in-house at the lounge. Also on offer are healthy foods and fruits and some choice wines. The lounge offers eat-in and pick-up services o its growing list of customers, that are out to live a healthy lifestyle.

Inside MJ Creamy

“It has not been easy selling a new but beneficial idea to the public. Many people are used to sweet, unhealthy foods and drinks. Few care about their health and what they eat. Also, many do not know what parfaits are all about and the health benefits,” Olamide said of her experience so far.

But the idea of MJ Creamy and its different offer seems to be fast catching on with the Abeokuta crowd, but Olamide said MJ Creamy’s operations have also been affected by the present times, which is characterized by restrictions and other Covid-19 guidelines.

“As a new business, we can’t afford to break the rules. Apart from that, we are committed to all rules that guide our business. So we are trying to follow all the rules, even when others don’t,” Olamide said.

MJ Creamy Interior

Even though her outfit is doing something different in a tough operating environment the young entrepreneur is confident that she is on the right track towards building a leading brand in the hospitality industry.

“MJ Creamy is not just a bar or a lounge. We are building an organization that is different and with distinct goals to be achieved. We don’t want to do the norm. We are different,” she said.

Located on the second floor of a tall building on Tinubu Street, in the Ita-Eko area of Abeokuta, 21 Club/Lounge, which opened its doors to the public late last year, is a crowd puller every Friday.

21 Lounge’s bar

The day is when the club ‘steal’ many club-goers around the Ita Eko, Oke Ilewo, Ibara and environs with its strippers show. The 21 Club’s strippers show is arguably one of the best in town with the best and beautiful performers on the show.

“We have the best show in Abeokuta. Our performers are professionals and are not based in Abeokuta. They are specially ‘imported’ for the enjoyment of our customers,” a manager at 21 said.

Apart from the strippers show on Friday, 21 Lounge also offers a variety of entertainment to its clientele, including good mixes of music and other show.

Plush interior of 21 Lounge

Two of the distinguishing features of the 21 Lounge’s location and interior are the view from its bar and the VIP section.

From inside the bar, patrons, depending on their seat position can have a long aerial view of Ibara and Oke Ilewo parts of Abeokuta. This allows you to enjoy the view of the rocky city while you relax and unwind. The club, within its six months of operations, redesigned its space to allow for the flow of people

For a premium, you can enjoy the privacy of the VIP section, where you get prompt service and attention. But the drinks come with a little extra cost. The seats are plumper and the atmosphere more chilly. At the 21 Lounge’s VIP section, you certainly get your money worth.

The VIP Section’s entrance

Generally, choice drinks and wines at 21 Lounge are averagely priced with a wide choice available.

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