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Ten Nigerian celebrities with amazing body transformation after weight loss programmes

Written by Akinmade

Some Nigerians, in the public limelight, have been able to go through the discipline and dedication required to lose a great amount of weight, and they have an incredible physique to show for their efforts

Ade Ishola

It is a general acceptance that losing weight is not an easy task. However, many people have endured going through the process, sticking to the task of losing weight. In the truism, the end justifies the means, these people now have amazing body figure to so=how for their efforts. Gone were the fat and flabbiness that sometimes make their bodies shapeless.

Celebrities are not left out of this determination. Nigerian actors, musicians and even social celebrities have gone down this route. While some realised their weight loss in weeks, it took some of them months, even years to achieve their dream bodies.  And they are proud of their achievements, showing photographs of their new bodies on social media.

But then, apart from the pains of losing weight some of them, unfortunately, have had to cope with the malicious rumours of terminal illness and sexual diseases and depression as they went through their weight loss programmes.

This is why The Observers Life is celebrating ten of them, telling their stories as told by them and showing their pictures before and their amazing weight losses.

In telling their stories, they give insight into how one can go through successful weight loss programmes.

  1. Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) – Actor

The veteran actor and former Delta State Commissioner for Culture & Tourism was subjected to lots of rumour when he started his weight loss programme. However, with determination, he kept at it. Now the handsome actor-producer has a sexier body, even at an older age.

He stated his reason for the weight loss and his journey through getting his new leaner better-looking body.

“I woke up one morning, to be precise May 9th last year, and I weighed 120kg. I said this cannot go on. Neither of my parents crossed 60kg. I thought it would be sinful for me to keep eating and putting on weight and living an unhealthy life. I decided to just change my lifestyle. I didn’t diet, what I’m doing now is not dieting. I hate to use the word diet because when you say you are dieting you have to stop at one point. What I did was to change my lifestyle,” he said.

RMD: before and now

He said the weight loss was a personal decision borne out of his decision to take charge of his life and some family history.

“You are in charge of your life. You can do anything you set your mind to do. Get in the right frame of mind and set some goals.

“Not every success is visible on a scale, sometimes walking down a flight of stairs without running out of breath is a WIN,” he said

At the initial stage, Mofe-Damijo attributed the then negative rumours to his weight loss to jealousy and mischief.

“People are probably so disappointed to see me looking so much better, they want the news to be true. Unfortunately for them, I am in the best shape of my life.

“It amazes me how people cling to bad news. I am a public servant in Delta State; I go to work every day. I am not sick. I changed my lifestyle and lost weight and I am looking better than I have ever looked in my adult life,” he said.

  1. Bose Ogunboye (Lepacious Bose) – Standup Act

With a stage name, that epitomizes the opposite of what she was in weight, Bose Ogunboye was a striking figure on stage back then when she tilted the scale as a heavy, plus-sized 32 lady.

However, the Standup act, Lepacious Bose, as she is called has lost an incredible 72 kg moving to transformed into a size 14 sexy looking ‘babe’.

Bose, who said she initially gained weight as a result of depression and eating for comfort, explained she was forced to take action over her weight when she started having health complications.

“Sometime in 2013, my period ceased completely. I wasn’t even near menopause. So I had to go see the doctor. They did all kinds of test and nothing was showing. It was then that I discovered I had hypothyroidism, which meant that my thyroid worked slower than anybody else’s.

“My metabolism was slower than anybody else’s. That’s why a friend can start losing weight in January and by February she has lost all the weight and you are still there by March and are still struggling,” she said

She stated that losing weight is a strategic process with the need to have an encouraging system around you.

“You do a lot of rethinking. Even your friends would change, your lifestyle would change. Everything would change because everything is connected to food. As is typical of Lagos, were I to be invited to a birthday party tomorrow, I would not attend because I already have a weekly food program and I already know that if I go there I would eat this, eat that. So if you suddenly invite me, I would check my timetable. I would probably cheat when I get there. And I already cheated yesterday. You can’t make every day a cheat day. It has to be strategic.

“In weight loss, you just need to see somebody, something tangible that you can hold on to because it is not a journey you can do alone. It is very emotional. One of the things I discovered during my weight loss journey was that I was a cry baby. I cried for everything. I cried over everything. I was always crying. I got very emotional. If anything happened, I cried. I watched a movie, I cried. It is an emotional journey. It’s a journey that you are going on alone. No matter how people love you they can’t walk that road with you. And it is also much more than a food journey, it is also an emotional journey,” she said.

Lepacious Bose- before and now

Even though Lepacious Bose complimented her lifestyle change and workouts with skin removal and surgery to help her get her new looks, she warned that surgery is not the solution to losing weight and getting a fitter body

“Whatever it is that you need to do to get to where you want to get to, it’s up to you. It’s funny how people think that surgery makes it easier, it does not. You still have to eat healthily, you still have to exercise. It’s not a shortcut,” she said

  1. Ibironke Ojo- Anthony (Oshodi Oke) –Actress

Ronke Ojo, better known as Oshodi Oke, because of her voluminous breasts triggered lots of rumours about ill-health early this year when she appeared in public for the first time after she started her incredible weight loss programme.

In response to social media rumours, Ronke revealed that she embarked on her weight loss after tipping the scale at 110kg and finding it difficult to perform some activities, including dancing. She also said she wanted to avoid the diseases associated with obesity.

Ronke Ojo- before and now

While allaying people fears of ill health, she explained in an interview how she was able to achieve her incredible weight loss within a short period.

“I am 100 per cent fine and okay. But, I am on a weight loss journey for certain reasons. I would soon be 50 years old and I feel this is the appropriate time to lose weight. By the time, I am getting close to 60, I would continue adding weight. I had wanted to lose weight for a very long time. I had taken several weight loss pills, teas and different products that help to shed weight but it didn’t work for me. I tried those for more than five years.

“Then, one day, I saw a product that works for me, and I grabbed the opportunity. When I started my weight loss journey, I weighed 110kg. Now, I am 87kg. My goal is 85kg. Once I get there, I would stop.

“I weighed 82kg in December but a lot of people complained that I was getting too thin, so I tried to fatten myself. That is why I am now 87kg. Some years back, my doctor in the United Kingdom told me that my weight was more than my height and when I returned to Nigeria, my doctor here confirmed it. I tried to exercise for one month. I was losing weight but with my job schedule, I could not cope with the exercise regimes. It is not easy to religiously exercise, especially since I had not always been a fitness-oriented person. Exercise is excellent if one can be dedicated. I admire actress, Kate Henshaw, in that regard,” she said.

  1. Elvina Ibru, Actress

Billionaire’s daughter and Nollywood actress, Elvina Ibru, has always been a big gal. It runs in the family. But a few years back, she took a bold decision to be different and acquire a new sexier body through a rigorous weight loss regime.

And she achieved her aim, shedding lots of weight from her 210 kg full body.

However, Elvina said it was not the beauty reason that prompted her to embark on the journey but more for health reasons.

Elvina Ibru – before and now

“It was not really about being prettier or being more beautiful that I lost weight. It was more about my health. Though I never had health challenges attached to my former weight.

“At my biggest, I weighed 210 kg and I am 5 feet 11. That is a very large person! But I didn’t have ailments like diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension except for the small ache at my back. I didn’t want a situation where I had to get to where I became unhealthy.

“So I had to nip in the bud, the overweight. I cannot now talk about my diet because I am not through yet. I still want to go down 16-20 more kg. That is the size I feel I should keep, not because that is what health experts say, but what I feel I want,” she said.

  1. Ngozi Ezeonu – Actress

The transformation of Nollywood actress, Ngozi Ezeonu was another remarkable weight loss in Nollywood. When she initially showed off her new looks on social media, she was unrecognizable.

Many believe she was ill or facing some challenges.

But Ngozi, in explaining her new looks said it was as a result of her determination to be healthier and this took a lot of determination and discipline on her part.

Ngozi Ezeonu- before and now

“I am not sick, I have been battling with my weight for ten years and I have finally achieved what I want. I am not sick, it is my choice to lose some weight and I pulled it off. I feel good losing weight, it takes a lot of discipline.

“I cut off eating a lot of things, I was addicted to coca-cola, juice and I cut off all that, I also stopped eating banana altogether, it took a lot of discipline.

“I stopped eating too many carbohydrates and I eat more proteins and a lot of veggies…a lot.

“I wonder why they will think I am ill when my skin is glowing and when I feel good. When people are used to seeing you looking fat and they see all the fat gone, their eyes play tricks on them,” she said.

  1. Georgina Ibeh

Another weight loss success stories is that of Nollywood actress, Georgina Ibeh.

The Delta state born actress explained that she started her weight loss journey from her 98.9 kg weight to boost her career. She said her amazing new look was a result of a good diet and exercises.

“Losing weight was a personal decision I took after I discovered I was getting the same roles in films and wanted something different.

“It was like a standstill in my career as I used to get cast for roles of an aunt or an elder sister. I wasn’t given the type of roles my peers were getting.

“The event that broke the camel’s back was when I was given a role to act as Patience Ozokwor’s friend; I told myself I had to lose weight.

“I registered at a gym in Asaba, Delta State, and that was how I started my weight loss journey. I maintained an all-protein diet with fewer carbohydrates. I weighed 98.9kg and later reduced to 75.6kg.

“I challenged myself and I am happy today. Exercise is wonderful. It was my personal decision I did it for myself and my career, I wanted to be a versatile actress; to be able to get roles to act like a man’s wife, girlfriend or fiancée; I didn’t do it for any man,” she said.

Georgina Ibeh – before and now

Even though Ibeh was initially accused of doing surgery when her new look pictured surfaced on social media, she said her looks were the results of her efforts and determination to lose weight, affirming that she is more determined to become more fit. But she admitted that it will be tough.

“Losing weight is no joke. I know it. You know it. We all know it. From the temptation to eat your favourite junk foods, to longing to avoid having to put yourself through that gruesome workout,” she said.

  1. Anita Asuoha, (Real Warri Pikin) – Standup Act

Within three months of starting her weight loss regime, Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Real Warri Pikin lost 13kg. This massive weight loss was noticed by people and on her part, she was proud to flaunt it on social media.

Asuoha explained that she started her weight loss from her 127 kg weight as a result of severe knee and lower back pains she was going through then.

Real Warri Pikin- before and now

“After I battled with severe knee pain and Lower back pain for a while because of my weight, I decided to go on a weight loss journey. 3Months Ago. I used to be 127KG but now am 114KG and still Counting….Am Sooooo Happy🥺💯

!It was not easy at all, But lass lass na determination make Okada overtake trailer for road. Na Fat u fat u nor keeee person. But nor keeee ursef! HEALTH is WEALTH,” she wrote on her Instagram page

  1. Emem Bishop Umoh (Lagos Okon) – Actor/ Comedian

When Emem Bishop Umoh, Nollywood actor and comedian, first posted his picture without his famous pot belly on social media, many accused him of faking his drastic weight loss.

He replied by posing more pictures and a video of himself working out at the gym and showing his six-packs. This act closed the mouth of his critics as the confirmation of his drastic weight loss stared many in the face.

In his usual joking manner accompanied the picture and video with a statement:

“Another sweaty night 😁💪💪 All the prosecution counsels for d Supreme Court Of Instablog Oya how market? 🤪🤪 #NuffSaid …Good night good people 😁😁 #okonlagos #okonrepublic #iyammi #chisos #wosappen #IcanAndIWill.”

Umoh, popularly called Okon Lagos, explained that he acquired the excess fat along with the success of his career.

Umeh Udom – before and now

“Although being a comic actor didn’t make me put on some weight, it is culinary and dietary indiscipline that made me add so much weight. When I shot into the limelight, I didn’t have a big belly. The big belly grew over time and the people adapted to it. They will also adapt to the fact that the belly is no longer there,” he said

The former Special Assistant to Akwa Ibom State Governor said that he decided to lose weight to be healthier.

“I did not lose weight because I was body-shamed or so that I could fit into society. I lost weight because my cardio was a mess. I couldn’t even climb two floors without an elevator. I was just afraid because whenever I sat down, I breathed like someone who was snoring. I knew I was ageing faster than my real anger and I had to do something about it,” he said.

  1. Mercy Johnson – Actress

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie has always had a ‘killer’ body shape but after marriage and three children, she gradually started adding weight in the appropriate and inappropriate places.

This prompted immediately after the birth of her third child to take action to get back to shape.

Now, she is a fitness freak and entrepreneur with a business dedicated to weight loss. She said her new sexier body is a result of her workouts at the gym, eating healthier and her slimming tea.

Mercy Johson-Okogie – before and now

“I am a total of all my experiences. If you zoom in, you’ll see my battle scars (stretch marks) I carry them with pride, they’re a testimony of my journey.

I have learnt how to work on the body, I want it naturally with full commitment and without surgery,” she had.

However, she stated that it was not easy aching her new look. Bu attributed it to commitment< good diet and the workouts.

“I know the struggle, I’ve been there, one day you wake up with a thousand stretch marks across your tummy. You don’t recognize your body, you try everything that used to work and it doesn’t anymore. If you don’t like it, you can do something about it! If I can do it, my sister you can- NO surgery. Just commitment,” she said.

She explained that eating good food, balanced diet and fruits have helped her to burn out the fats inside while she works out daily- early morning jogging and periodic visits to the gym.

And now with a fourth child, she is looking sexier than when she first started her weight loss programme.

  1. Adunni Adewale (Adunni Ade) – Actress

At the beginning of her weight loss routine this year, Beautiful Nollywood cross-over actress, Adunni Ade, shed a stunning 6 Kg mass off her body in just one month.

She was quick to share her story on social media ‘motivate others to do better.’

Adunni Ade – before and now

Sharing the picture of her new look on her Instagram page, she gushed that the achievement is a 3-year ambition since she started working out in the gym.

“This weight issue I’ve been battling for almost 3 years has finally been conquered. I stopped working out for almost 3 years straight.

“All my life even with kids remained a size 4-6 (US) all of a sudden Amala, rice and Ko took over. It is not an easy task. From January I lost 6 kg (13+ lbs).

“I am good with that. Look! My fellow women and mothers, do not be pressurized, slow and steady you’ll get there. No supplements, pills, herbs.

“Just pure workout

“Good morning,” she wrote.

So you too can do it, start your weight loss programme with these inspiraional stories at the back of your mind.


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