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Samklef in dramatic u-turn, goes after Wizkid over Pakurumo royalties

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Ade Ishola

Music producer/ musician Samuel Oguachuba, popularly known as Samklef has taken his fight for the alleged unclaimed royalties from Wizkid’s track, ‘pakurumo’ from the ‘Superstar’ album to the doorstep of Wizkid.

Samklef, who had earlier called out Bankole Wellington, (Banky W), the CEO of E.M.E. Label, for not giving him his share of royalties from Wizkid’s 2011 project, made a reversal claim on Wizkid after Banky W openly replied to his earlier rants which accused the ‘Strong Thing’ singer of cheating him out of the royalty spilt on the ‘pakurumo’ track.

The music producer, in a post on his Instagram page on Tuesday, openly asked Wizkid to enured that his royalty on the hit track is paid quickly. He said Banky W told him it was Wizkid that removed his name as the composer for ‘Pakurumo’.

He added that he was told Wizkid is aware that he has not received his share of royalties from the 2011 album and called on the ‘Made in Lagos’ singer to instruct his lawyers to reach out to him and address the matter.

“Dear @wizkidayo remember we were brothers before anything @bankywellington say you comot my name from ‘Pakurumo’ publishing and also know about all my 11 years royalties. And na you give @sonymusic @sonymusicafrica,” he wrote.

“Let’s fix this in peace. Him say make (I) pour my anger to you. I know you don’t read your DMS (direct messages) so I will like you to instruct your lawyers to reach out.”

The controversy over the royalty split of ‘pakurumo’, a hit track of the Wizkid’s 2011 ‘Superstar’ album started about two weeks ago when Samklef openly accused Banky W of ripping him off. Samklef had openly accused Banky W of ripping him off his (Samklef’s) royalties for his contribution to Wizkid’s debut album after Banky W had a bare-all interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on his personal and professional relationship with Wizkid.

In the interview, Banky W alleged that Wizkid owed his record label three albums as stipulated in their contractual agreement. Wizkid released two albums, Superstar and Ayo under the EME records before he left to chase international stardom.

But Samklef, who produced Pakurumo off the Superstar album, said in a Live Instagram session that Banky W had failed to properly compensate him (Samklef) for his input in the hit song. He also posted a similar message on his Twitter page where he wrote:

“Claiming all my 11 years royalties for WiZkid super star album in a bit. My Laywers will reach out. It’s 50/50. Anybody wey don collect my money better reach out o! Samkef fine were o! Make dem tag Banky o! My money go don plenty o! Before him go use am campaign for election.”

Later, Samklef hinted on his social media pages that Banky had agreed to pay him “performance royalty” and “mechanical royalty” on the song.

But he thereafter shared a screenshot to show that his name had been replaced with one Steve Micheal as the composer of Pakurumo. Samklef called out Banky W and urged him to reach out to him for clarity.

“Nigerians make una see o!! Dey took my name off and put Steve Micheal. As composer for pakurumo. @bankywellington how far now ? How did we get to this ? Dm me ur email bro. No time to play. Let’s fix things and move on. @sonymusic @sonymusicafrica,” Samklef’s post read.

And promptly Banky W slid into Samklef page to respond in the comment section of the post. He asked Samklef to direct his grievances to the proper channel as he was never a party to the sharing and control of the song’s proceeds and cautioned Samklef to desist from peddling his name in the public.

“@samklef I don’t think you understand that my name is not there and was NEVER there. EME’S name is not there. We have never taken a dime of these royalties and never will. We have never controlled them. You need to take this up with whoever is controlling this and for goodness sake stop talking about me. I’m not the one in charge. I’m minding my business, please handle yours,” he wrote.

He also urged Samklef to reach out to Sony, ASCAP and BMI if he has any concerns about the song’s royalty.

“Someone should please explain to Samklef that my name is not and was not on this royalty split sheet that he is posting,” he added.

Now apparently Samklef has taken the hint and is taking the fight to Wizkid. But Wizkid is yet to respond to the controversy.

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