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Promiscuous men are dolphins not dogs

Written by Ade

It is the dolphins that is more promiscuous than dogs

Solomon Unoke

Humans, especially the male species, have struggled with staying faithful to their partners since time immemorial. Likewise, the art of relating with the opposite sex is a difficult one for many males.

Getting along with the opposite sex is a topic as old as time itself. Thousands of literature has been written about it and several cultures have explored different methods of pleasing your partner, right after the very difficult part of getting one. This is largely dictated by our spiritual, social and cultural beliefs as well as upbringing and environment. This difference in our perspectives has led to games being played by both sexes, mostly by men.

What might surprise you is this; human males are not the only species that are unfaithful, animals also cheat. Playing games to get females was believed to be the exclusive preserve of humans until knowledge of the animal kingdom becomes widely known to humans. This has also led to the discovery of the most intelligent creatures on the planet behind humans.

One of the most intelligent animals is the dolphin. There are about 40 species of dolphins It is a very empathetic and intelligent creature that has been recognized as a sentient creature, with certain similarities to humans. Dolphins, just like humans have sex pleasure while most other animals have sex for reproductive purposes only. Having sex for pleasure and also being intelligent are the criteria for being a playboy

Dolphins have been recorded to pair off in groups of two males for about 15 years, during which they help each other hook up with females for sexual pleasures. So the next time a woman calls a guy, a dog for being promiscuous, please kindly correct her, “it is a dolphin, not dog”.

Interesting facts about dolphins’ sexual lives:

  • It is like the dolphins to stick with their mothers for a long time before they leave their pack. Some stay with their mothers for 3 or even 8 years!
  • They are very creative in seeking pleasure, including the act of masturbation by wrapping a live wriggling eel around their penises.
  • Male dolphins tend to engage in same-sex relations early in life and use the bonds they form to hunt for females as they get older.
  • Male dolphins, in later life, become bisexual and adopt a gang culture around finding and keeping sexual partners by working in packs to restrict the movement of female dolphins as they wait for them to become sexually receptive.
  • Dolphins engage in ‘short-timed’ love-making usually lasting for “no more than 10 seconds” but can often be repeated several times within less than an hour.
  • Dolphins copulate year-round, including during months when they cannot conceive. Furthermore, female dolphins have clitorises with erectile tissues and nerve bundles, and scientists have yet to determine if this piece of their anatomy serves a reproductive function beyond pleasure.
  • Male dolphins have penises that over time evolve to make copulating underwater comfortable. The penis can extend, retract, manipulate, and grasp onto the partner organ to stay connected during the act.
  • Dolphins are attracted sexually to humans and have been known to try to mate with divers.
  • Dolphins sometimes practice inbreeding mating and producing babies with their mothers and daughters.

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