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Portable Loses His Mind On Stage, Sparking Fans Concerns. “He really needs help”

Portable goes mad on stage
Written by Solomon Unoke

A video of the controversial musician known as Portable surfaced online recently, and has since sparked a serious concern amongst fans and non-fans alike.

In the video, Portable was seen performing at a concert in Ikorodu, when he apparently lost his mind, screaming and scratching, only to be held down by security and his crew.

The alleged reason for the loss of control was attributed to a brand of marijuana known locally as Colorado, or colos for short, but no official statements have been given by his management.

The incident has since sparked a lot of reactions online, as some say the man needs to seek mental help as soon as possible, while others believe he should be in public eyes at all.

The musician who is known for aggressive performances, such as rolling on the floor and taking his clothes off, this time was screaming and being held back by security, while some think this is merely part of the show, other think something has gone very wrong.

Twitter Reactions:

@Pikinstilldey : Make dem just carry this guy go zoo abeg

@Whalley_llob: Calm down, it’s called “performance” for a reason. He’s lowkey cashing out, market is selling and we’re talking.
: He’s not mad that is his content, that’s how he gathered his fans and that is what brings food on his table… y’all should learn how to respect someone’s hustle..
: To. Be raving mad on stage is his hustle? God abeg, May I not disgrace YOU and my family in the name of hustle.

@bigvibebante: Bro there should be some sort of dignity in labor. It’s moral reasoning 101, person like you no go get problem if your sister dey do hookup, as long as it brings food to the table.

The fans are clearly split on the issue, and we would like to hear your take.

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