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Penguins Are Monogamous Too

Penguins mate for life
Written by Solomon Unoke

A few animal species have been known to practice monogamy. But it is only fair to let you know that some animal species are very faithful to their partners, and penguins are tops

Many animal species are known to be promiscuous in nature but the penguins as animal are known for being exceeding faithful to their partners.

Unlike humans and very few species of animals like Dolphins, most animals mate only for reproduction, an in this case, the penguins are no exception. Though penguins are not known to performing formal wedding ceremonies or paying any bride prices, a certain penguin specie, the southern rockhopper penguins, have been vastly recorded to stay faithful to a single partner, with the male penguins going to greater efforts tis stay faithful and reunite with the same female penguin each year during the mating season.

During mating season, a male Southern rockhopper will travel back to find its first female, even if he had travelled far away. The females are known to simply oblige to this reunification.

Penguins cheat too

Also, in proper perspective, penguins have been known to cheat on their partners on rare occasions, but in the words of Rajesh Kutrapoli on the famous sitcom show, The Big Bang Theory, “most of them are stand up guys“.

But why would a penguin cheat on its partner?

Accident do happen and status quos change. If the male should delay in his return, the female is free to move on to another suitor, and in some recorded occasion, a female could move on even while the male is at earshot as seen in this National geographic documentary.

Interesting facts about Penguins

  1. We don’t know how many species of Penguins are out there
  2. They were initially mistaken to be wild Geese
  3. They are very fast swimmers, swim up to 10miles per hour
  4. Penguins have been known to grow as tall as 5ft
  5. Each penguin has a distinct vocal call that helps them find their mate
  6. They are unique birds that work with their feet, usually in groups, for further length than most bird species.
  7. They live in icy cooler temperate regions of the world.

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