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Nigerian Lesbian Says She’s Happy To Never Bear Kids Because Of Pedophiles.

Nigerian lesbian
Written by Solomon Unoke

Lets face it; we Africans still have a long way to go socially, and culturally. Our societal and cultural evolution was interrupted by the invasion of the colonizers. A period of time that spanned about 350 to 400 years was taken from us, an amount of time that our free counterparts used to develop themselves.

When the colonizers left, we were plunged into the western society, which they have spent over 200 years drilling into us. We are a people expected to adopt to two very different cultures and master them both.

We still practice certain things that we would have left behind a long time ago, if we were uninterrupted, children and women have not been treated well in our history, and a lot of wrong doing is still barely frowned upon.

What Temmie Ovwasa (@THETemmiOvwasa) is describing is the exact consequence of the state of our cultural evolution, when compared side by side with our European counterparts.

A lot of evil or not so pleasant acts are allowed to slip by, we turn our eyes away and pretend it doesn’t matter. In some cases, parents are not even that vigilant or invested into the life of their kids. A roof over your head, and food in your stomach was all their tasked themselves, and in such situations, so many evil prevail.

There is so much dialogue that we still need to do as a nation, in order to push our society to a place of social justice and acceptance. We need to talk about sexuality, human rights, especially children. If we don’t talk and reconcile our values, we’ll have a fractured society, with everyone going their own way.

Listen to what Temmie had to say, then leave a comment, telling us your assessment of the situation.

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