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Man With Knife Defends Himself Against Four Attackers. (VIDEO)

man with knife defends himself against 4 thugs
Written by Solomon Unoke

Its a dangerous world indeed, one moment you’re enjoying your life, the next moment you’re fighting for your life.

A man who was going into the car with his family struggles with four attacking men who wants to rub him. The South African white man is seen fending off these four black men who finally left him alone when they saw that he was determined to defend his family and property with a weapon.

The most shocking part of this, is that it happened in broad daylight in South Africa, in a relatively busy town for that matter. When these men turned out to be unsuccessful with their attempt, they simply walk away, as if they knew there was no consequence for their actions.

The lady recording from her car is stunned by the arrowing event she just witnessed. We all know that if the white man had been armed with a gun, this would have been a wildly different story.

Man with knife defends himself against four attackers

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