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Man Refused To Pay For The Meal Of Girlfriend And Her 18 Friends. (Video).

Man refused to pay for girlfriends 18 friends meal
Written by Solomon Unoke

In another classic drama of young people in the dating world, we witness the moment a clash in expectations, responsibilities, and entitlements.

In the society, roles have been assigned to men, and women differently. During an outing, a man is expected to pay for the meal of both parties, while some people in believe it should be shared, the norm is still for the man to pay.

This one is a very peculiar case, from the video we can tell that it was the lady’s birthday, for which she brought 18 of her friends to a birthday dinner with her boyfriend. The clash ensued when the man refused to pay, and she decided to yell and abuse him for it.

The man stood his ground and said “I’m leaving you”.

This issue has stirred quite a conundrum on social medias across the world today.

What is your take on this issue, should a man be surprised with such bill at his woman’s request? Could she have done this better? Or do you think couples should split the bill at a restaurant.

State your opinion in the comments below.

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