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Lanre Gentry continued obsession with ex-wife, Mercy Aigbe shocks people

Written by Ade

By Ade Ishola

Nigerians and other net-citizens alike are beginning to wonder what is the special attraction that the actress, Mercy Aigbe holds for her former husband, Lanre Gentry. The curiosity is based on the fact that the controversial hotelier and car dealer continues to react and call out his ex-third wife on social media as frequently as possible.

The duo was married in 2013 but the union crashed in 2017 amidst accusations and counter-accusations of domestic violence and infidelity allegations. The marriage, which produced a son, Juwon, was dissolved amidst a messy and bitter divorce. It was Aigbe’s second attempt at marriage.

The Gentry’s renewed social media activities on Aigbe are coming just as there are allegations that the actress herself continues to sponsor trolls and bloggers to attack and embarrass Busayo Comfort, Gentry’s new wife.

The social media warfare between both parties, Mercy and Lanre, got to a new frenzy this year following Aigbe’s announcement and the unveiling of Kazeem Adeoti as her new husband late last year.

In an Instagram post, hours after the announcement, Gentry posted a throwback photo of himself, Aigbe, Adeoti, and Funsho, Adeoti’s wife at a party, with a caption that insinuated that the two couples must have been family friends.

The caption read, “At last I thank God the truth is out this is just one out of many to God be the glory. I don’t need anyone’s comment, please.”

Since then, Adeoti, who owns a popular online movie streaming service, IbakaTV and Adekaz Production, a film production outfit alongside Aigbe has continued on social media and in various media interviews to debunk the allegation that Gentry and Adeoti were friends. But Funsho Adeoti, recently came out to state that it was her and Aigbe that were friends.

Gentry, last week, while appreciating Busayo, his new wife and his new baby girl shared a video of mother and daughter on his Instagram page. He captioned it, “It’s good to have the right partner, I will always be grateful to my God.”

Gentry married Busayo in September 2021.

A lot of people believe that the caption was a reference to his turbulent marriage with Aigbe. This led many to wonder why he is still obsessed with Mercy Aigbe, even though he has remarried another woman.

 An Instagram, believed to be sponsored went to the comment section of Busayo Gentry’s page and stated that Gentry is still in love with Mercy Aigbe as marrying a new wife was enough for Lanre Gentry to have ceased reacting to every topic concerning her.

But Busayo, in reply to this comment revealed to Nigerians that she is less concerned with the issue between Gentry and Aigbe. She stated that whatever happens between her husband and Aigbe is ‘none of her business because that was a family before hers, and they never existed to her.’ She added that she is more concerned with profitable things, especially taking care of her new baby, than what is happening with another person’s life.

The reaction was applauded by many Nigerians who described her as intelligent and a queen.

  • s_a_l_m_a_h_: I love this new wife already, she’s so apt and intelligent
  • i_am_p.i.p.i: I like her already, place them where they belong. A queen and more
  • molly_nma_blessed: Better wife …. Husband suppose shame after reading her reply(that’s if he even understand it)
  • queency_2: Omo this babe go school sadly can’t say same for mr bagrand

Also, the target of Busayo on social media has continued with a blogger, Kemi Ashefon: (@kemiashefonlovehaven), in a post accused Busayo Gentry, of being Mercy Aigbe’s personal assistant.

While doing a run-down of Gentry’s ex-wives and ‘celebrating the Gentry couple’ on their new baby, she alleged that Busayo used to work for Gentry’s ex-wife.

“Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband, Lanre Gentry, has unveiled their newborn child. He thanks God for providing him with the right partner, Busayo. Gentry’s fourth wife.

“Meanwhile, Beautiful Busayo was once a Personal Assistant to Mercy Aigbe.

“Congratulations to Busayo who got a baby girl through he former boss’s husband.

Ashefon’s posts also have

“Who is Busayo Gentry?

“She was once a personal Assistant to Mercy Aigbe.

“She had been on some movie locations with Mercy Aigbe and she helped with her luggage and other stuff she needed on set. Mercy introduced her as her P.A and she was with her throughout. We were shocked when she was presented as Lanre Gentry’s wife,” sources in the movie industry revealed to Kemi Ashefon.

“Another source said, “Busayo had asked Mercy to help bring her on board as an actress because she had always wanted to be an actress. So, she was chatting with Mercy who eventually brought her to some locations.

“Busayo cannot deny not having met Mercy or worked as her personal Assistant briefly before she became Lanre Gentry’s fourth wife.”

But Busayo, in her smart ways, invaded Kemiashefonlovehaven’s comment section on Instagram to deny ever knowing Mercy Aigbe.

She wrote, “@kemiashefonlovehaven Get your facts right before misleading people wrongly all in the name of blogging. I was never a personal assistant to Mercy Aigbe neither have I met her before nor worked for her and also did I ever work under my present husband. If you need information call me to ask if you are so desperate to know. Women spoiling women.”

But Gentry’s reaction to the blogger’s post was almost opposite to his wife’s. Calling Ashefon, an agent of Aigbe, he threatened a lawsuit if the post is not retracted.

He stated that his wife has never worked for anyone in the entertainment industry, let alone Mercy Aigbe, adding that if the blogger is unable to authenticate information, she should retract her statement and apologize to his family, or face legal action.

Now, it is apparent that the cold war between Mercy Aigbe and her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry, may never end soon, even though both have new partners to shower their respective attention on. Many are now wondering when or what will make it finally go away

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