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Jamaican/US Rap Diva “Diamond The Body” claims she has slept with over 2000 people

Burna boy and diamond the body
Written by Solomon Unoke

During an interview with the rapper (Diamond The Body), she revealed a jaw dropping insight into her sex life, where she claimed to have had sex with at least 2000 people, both men and women.

Diamond The Body, who recently disclosed a bedroom picture of herself and Nigerian afro pop star, Burna Boy, which sparked a bit of riot on the internet over the sex lifestyle of the artist, following his recent break up with Stefflon Don, the Uk rapper and his hit break-up song “Las Las”.

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don

During the interview, Diamond was asked what her body count was, to which she revealed the shocking details of her sex life. She stated how she lost her virginity at 12, and has since had sex with at least 2000 people, men, and women.

Watch a snippet of the interview below;

Diamond the body’s interview

She added that she does not care what people think about her, she loves to enjoy her life, and only God can judge her. “Only God can judge me, I don’t give a f#ck!”, she says.

Following the release of the interview video on youtube, users have taken the opportunity to air their views on the rapper’s lifestyle, with one user stating that he is one of the people who has had sex with the rapper back in 2010.

RackRacer Slick : I’m number 1,526 of her body count I used to talk to

Kei-Tron Bell: I’m like 1008 I know she not lying lol

Tune In Wit Tee: Shidd… tbh I’m number 1 that was like 2000

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