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How to pick the right kind of beard for your face shape

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Beards are great transformation characteristics of the male faces as they help to beautify the face. But they can also disfigure the face if the right beard style is groomed

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Facial hair has come a long way in playing a drastic facial transformation accessory for men. While women have the luxury of makeup for masking flaws on their faces to transform their looks for various glamorous events, men only have good grooming and shaping facial hairs to do the same.

Facial hairs, especially beards do for men what makeup does for women. A man can go from looking like a harmless teenage boy to a somewhat scary grown man just by the addition of facial hairs. Both rapper, Drake and US’ Brooklyn Nets basket star, James Harden clearly illustrate this. 


No doubt, a good haircut with a good beard shape can drastically change how a man looks. But the man looks great if he is spotting the right beard style for the shape of his head.

The fact that beards are getting back into fashion has made many men eager to grow one and join the “beard gang”, but many have failed to pull it off right and look great with these bearded looks. In some cases, men with beards ‘look horrible and deadly.’

Choosing the right kind of beard to grow is of uttermost importance, and so in making this decision, the first consideration should be the shape of your head. Don’t be too quick to copy the beards of a celebrity. Just because Robert Downey Jr. looks good in that ‘Iron Man’ beard, is no guarantee you will look the same with this type of beard.

How to determine what shape of head you have

  • Forehead:  Measure the distance from the edge of one eyebrow to the next
  • Cheekbone: Measure the distance from one end of the pointiest part of each cheekbone
  • Jawline: Measure the distance from the tip of your chin to the bottom tip of your ear.
  • Face length: Measure the distance from the tip of your hairline to the tip of your jaw.

The most common head shapes are Square, Rectangle, Round, Heart and diamond. You can determine which is your shape by:

Face types (courtesy Cabello Modello)
  • The Square Face: has the length of the forehead similar to that of the cheekbone, and the angle of the jaw is sharp while the chin is not pointed.
  • Rectangle Face: has the greatest face length with the cheekbone’s length roughly the same as the forehead and the jawline.
  • Round Face: has the cheekbone roughly the same length as the face length; there is no sharp jawline or pointed chin.
  • Heart Face: has the breadth of the forehead greater than the cheekbone and that is also greater than the chin, so the decreases are from the forehead to the chin.
  • Diamond Face: has a pointed chin with the length of the face the greatest, while the jawline is the smallest.

Which beard style suits your face shape?

Once you can recognize the correct shape of your face, you have done the hardest task of knowing which beard fits your face. The next task is to determine the best beard style for you. We will also give examples of celebrities that have done great with beard styles for each of these face shapes.

  • The oval face shape:  If you have this, then you have more options than most do as this comes from having the combination of round and square face features. So count yourself lucky. 

With an oval face, you are like the rapper Drake, who is a perfect example of what a good beard can do to a man’s look because he pulled it off with his round face.

Some of the beard styles that go perfectly with an oval face are the soul patch, short boxed, corporate beard, and the Garibaldi beards. Or you can just go with Drake. Follow this link for a full description of each beard.

  • The Diamond Face: The Diamond face is another lucky face shape that can enjoy a variety of beard types. One notable celebrity that has pulled off a perfect beard style with a diamond face is James Harden, although his face could easily be an inverted triangle depending on which period of his life you’re looking at. But no doubt, James Harden took the beard game to another level.

The Inverted triangle and heart-shaped faces can also enjoy the same beard styles and switch between each.

  • The Round Face: this face shape is not one with so many options as it is a fragile one to handle. If you have a round face, it is better to opt for a beard style that is shorter than your cheeks but longer than your chin or you can just roll with Leonardo DiCaprio with his beard style. Whatever you do, keep the beard below your cheekbones and extend it beyond your chin.
Leonardo DeCaprio

We have combined a couple of beard styles into the diamond face, but the rectangular and oblong face would enjoy the same style as the diamond shape, as long as the beard is extended too far below the chin.

  • A Rectangular Face is already long, so rocking a long beard would only make your face look a bit weird. Therefore, keep it relatively short and trim the sides to rhyme with the side of your face as you don’t want the beard that sticks out and makes your neck look tiny. Neither do you want to look like a bobblehead doll?

Grooming is important so you should get a good handle on your looks before you step out of the home.

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