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How Nollywood star, Odunlade Adekola gets away with his secret romances

Written by Akinmade

Allegations of extra-marital affairs continue to trail Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola despite repeated denials by him and his women

Ade Ishola

In the last 10 years or so, several rumours and allegations have been leveled against Nollywood actor, producer and director, Odunlade Adekola bothering his cheating on Ruth, his wife of years.

Some of the leading ladies of the Yoruba section have been linked with Odunlade as being his lovers. Many of those involved in rumours and allegations are mainly those who had starred in films produced or directed by the actor and were brought to the limelight after appearing in the same movies with him.

Some of the ladies had sometimes in the past of either fighting in public over the Abeokuta, Ogun state-based theatre practitioner or engaging in cold wars with each other. The rumoured quarrels include those of Taiwo Aromokun and Folake Odunsanya; Kemi Afolabi and Seyi Ariyo; and that between Kemi Afolabi and Tope Solaja. Some of these ladies are married to men, who are mostly based abroad.

However, whenever these allegations get into the public, Ruth’s husband (Odunlade) is ever ready to debunk such. And with his usual press statement: “I was shocked and enraged when I read in the news that two married actresses were fighting dirty over me. I don’t know why they would drag my name which I have spent years of hard work to build in the mud just like that.”

Sources close to Odunlade revealed that the continuous allegations of extramarital affairs against him are partly true as he had cheated against his wife in the past.

“Oga Odulade is smart and he knows his way around. Don’t forget he is a ladies man with many women dying to date him, even including many out of Nollywood. So he plays this trump card in his extramarital affairs as these affairs are on his terms and conditions” a source said.

Odunlade’s leverage in these affairs is his constant declaration of love to his wife and the reminder that he is a pastor’s son and not ready to divorce Ruth or have a second wife.

The source said how Odunlade met and married his wife and her nature always made Odunlade ‘have a conscience and determination to never openly engage or admit any extra marital affair or humiliate his wife.’

The love relationship between Odunlade and his wife, which began in 2003, was in a church – Christ Apostolic Church, Sabo Abeokuta, where Odunlade’s father was one of the elders and ministers. At that time, the actor was just coming into prominence while Ruth was a student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. She was reluctant to date him because of his profession and tag of ladies’ man already on him.

However, after the approval by the church’s authorities and Odunlade’s loving wooing Ruth succumbed and the duo got married in 2003.

Odunlade’s parents and family members are always on his neck to make the marriage, which had produced four sons, work. Also, naturally, the actor is a loving and caring man, never too shy or busy to show his love for his wife and sons.

But then, sometimes a man might decide to wander.

Sources alleged that whenever the Ekiti State indigene decides to wander away from home, he chooses his target very well.

“These ladies are those that might be too embarrassed to open up to an affair with Odunlade. They are either respectable in society, have a steady affair, or are married. Some are even well known by the wife,” a source said.

The source alleged that ‘Odunlade sometimes joke about his affairs at home to disabuse the mind of his wife. But then to some, Ruth decided ignore his affairs after making up her mind to marry an entertainer, as long as these dalliances do not threaten her marriage.

The fact that Ruth has also decided not to be openly confrontational with her affairs on the rumours and allegations has also helped to check Odunlade.

“He simply gets to end such relationships pronto, when madam starts dropping subtle hints about such rumours,” a source said.

So who are those women linked with Odulade in the past?

  1. Taiwo Aromokun: she is the first and only lady to have ever admitted to having an affair with Odunlade. It was a sizzling one while the relationship lasted and threatened Odunlade’s marriage Taiwo, who is an actress that started as a trainee under Odunlade, admitted in an interview that she ended the relationship because the actor was not ready to marry her as a second wife.

While the relationship lasted Taiwo was widely known as ‘Oga’s madam’ in Nollywood’s Abeokuta circle. This got her into the bad books of many actors and actresses.

Taiwo Aromokun
  1. Eniola Taiwo Ajao, another actress and twin was also brought into the limelight by

Odunlade.  There were rumours that Odunlade got her an apartment in a high brow area in Lagos to make her comfortable and cement the secret romance

Odunlade and eniola

On her part, Eniola is always ready to deny ever being involved with Odunlade romantically. She claims that Ruth is like a friend to her and she cannot date anybody involved in Nollywood.

“Odunlade and I have known each other for many years now. He is married and has kids. He is a very close friend. I know his wife and nothing on earth can make me date him. I have no reasons to have a fling with any man, especially a married man,” she said in an interview.

  • Kemi Afolabi: another actress that got a big break as a result of her professional relationship with Odunlade’s Nollywood caucus. But there are lots of allegations that she was and maybe still dating Odunlade. She was also believed to have been involved in quarrels in the past with Seyi Ariyo and Tope Solaja at one time or the other over Odunlade.
Kemi and Odunlade

However, she denies this.

“That’s not true. I am a married woman, how can I be fighting over a married man? Odunlade Adekola is also married. You should know it’s just fiction. I am not dating Odunlade Adekola,” she said.

  • Bukola Adeeyo, actress and another Odunlade’s protege. When she gave birth to her first child, Janelle in 2017, there were rumours that the baby is Odunlade’s. but the actor was quick to debunk this. But even when Bukola revealed another Abeokuta based actor as the father of her child, many still insist that Adekola was intimate with her in the past.
Bukola and her child

  • Ronke Odusanya: around 2011, when she hit the limelight, the actress was rumoured to be in an intimate relationship with Odunlade. A point she denied. However, sources in Nollywood said the relationship was the source of her cold with Taiwo Aromokun, ‘Oga madam’, in the past.
Odunlade and Ronke

  • Seyi Ariyo, an actress and producer was reported to have engaged in a dirty fight with Kemi Afolabi over affairs with Odunlade. But she denied this, claiming that the cause was because  Kemi held on to one of the wardrobe materials after appearing in her film.
Seyi Ariyo

  • Tope Solaja, a married actress was brought into the Odunlade dating list because of her fight with Kemi Afolabi, this year. Both were accused of dating Odunlade. But Tope has been consistent in denying ever dating Odunlade.
Tope Solaja

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