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Hottest Clubs And Joints In Ikorodu

Written by Akinmade

Solomon Unoke, The Observers Life’s Man-about-town takes a look at three hottest lounges/clubs in the Ikorodu, a Lagos suburb area

Navigating daily life comes with an amount of stress accumulated from the excessive stress of the workplace, school or other areas of human endeavours.

Hence, there is a great need to kick back, relax and have a good time to still keep one’s head ‘sane and above water’.

This human need has interestingly given birth to a lucrative sector of the economy: the hospitality sector. But its nightlife and day time entertaining sub-sector seems to be clearly on the rise.

From clubs, bars, casinos and resorts, people have found comfort in the company of others, at dusk, in organized settings offering services of fun and relaxation. While for daylight, cinemas, beaches, restaurants and other similar establishments offer soothing effects.

If clubs, bars and lounges are your things, here are the best spots to hit if you are in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Haven’s Lounge

Havens club Ikorodu

Located within the LASPOLY area of Ikorodu, Haven’s Lounge is a great toast among the Lagos State Polytechnic students in Ikorodu, mainly for its proximity and easily noticeable building. Haven’s Lounge is relatively new but it is bubbling with excitement and activities.

After speaking with the manager, a young man named Jola, I came to learn a few of the secrets behind this lively spot for youngsters and the young at heart.

Haven’s Lounge creatively carved out Thursdays as its main club night. What used to be “Ladies night” was rebranded as “Thursday Like Friday” in a bid to single itself out from its competitions which have their regular clubbing nights on Fridays. With this strategy, Haven’s Lounge became the place to be on a Thursday, if you’re looking to start the weekend early.

Thursdays are the deal days in Haven’s Lounge, with many events and artistes lined up to entertain club-goers. up-coming artistes and established names are constantly on the bill to perform.

On Fridays, Haven’s Lounge has its regular club night tagged “Luxury Friday” when it puts up a ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ show just like many clubs across the globe.

However, apart from the club, Haven’s Lounge also entertains executives and people seeking quiet fun time in its sports bar.

Club KD


Tucked right opposite the main gates of Lagos State Polytechnic, Club KD is the latest sensation in the LAPOLY area of Ikorodu. After completing its complex in what seems like record time mid-2020, KD is now a beehive of activities with varieties and endless excitement to choose from.

The building features more than just a club and a bar, it has a restaurant, and a bakery as well.

A visit to the complex left me with an impression that Club KD was set up as an obvious fun environment with something for all ages.

Some of its weekly club activities are; Wednesday: Ladies Night; Thursday: KD Night; Friday: Luxury Fridays; Saturday: Live Bands; Sunday: Divas on a pole.

My curiosity drove me to ask the Manager some questions about the Sunday activity:’ Divas on a pole.’ Yeah, you guess right!

I wanted to know what the acceptable unit of tips was. For some strip clubs, especially abroad, there is usually an acceptable lowest denomination of currency for tipping ladies on the pole.

However, at Club KD, there was no particularly pronounced or recognized denomination in Naira for tipping, and that this was solely based on the capacity or generosity of the spectator, who could tip anything.

Club KD has had top Juju artistes on its bandstand during its Saturday Live Bands show. These included Atorishe, Saint Janet and others.

Aside from the bar and clubhouse, Club KD attracts attention with its modern game arcade housing the casino and other gaming units.

Overall, Club KD’s environment is friendly, beautiful, and secure. KD employs the services of bouncers and a corporate security firm’s personnel to secure lives and properties within its premises thereby giving patrons peace of mind.

Its drinks are averagely priced with beers selling for about N500 at the bar while spirits, wines and champagnes are sold in the club at various prices.

Mambila Hotels

source: unplash

If you travel to leave the LAPOLY area to go further out to central Ikorodu towards the dusty inner roads of the Agric area, you will find a jewel in the dunes. It is in Mambila Hotels.

Located in a building complex spanning entire four blocks, it features a hotel, lounge, bar and a club.

Its main attractions are the sky bar: a large open-air bar at the roof of a single storey building, that gives you a serene feeling in good weather times; the club, known as Cub M; and its execute bar for in-house guests.

Some of its nightly activities are Wednesday: Old School Night, at the Sky bar; Thursday: Show Nights for guest artistes and performers; Friday: Club Nights and DJ night at the bar; and Saturday: Strippers Night.

Drinks at the bar are relatively cheaper when compared with competitions around. Beers are sold from N300 and above. This probably contributes to the regularly large turnouts at Mambila.

If you ever find yourself along the dusty roads of the Agric/Ishawo area of Ikorodu and in need of a good chill spot, then Mambila is an obvious joint to hit for a good time.

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