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10 Hobbies That Will Make You A More Interesting Person

Written by Akinmade

It is high time you start indulging in hobbies and pastimes that task you, increase your knowledge and make you a better person

Solomon Unoke

We all love the company of witty, intelligent or charming people, regardless of their gender or age as these qualities make them a lot more attractive than their physical appearances.

We want to be friends with them, impress them and gain their respect. But most people lack the qualities needed to acquire the interests of such people, they lack the charm needed to captivate the attention of an intelligent person.

While some people falsely think that these qualities are innate, these qualities are built and reinforced by our daily activities.

How many times have you been in the midst of a group of people who were talking about playing musical instruments and you find you had nothing to contribute to the topic at hand? Or times you have been amongst people talking about cultures across the continent and yet again, you had nothing to add? At each of these points in time, you will find yourself wishing you were one of those people you had to admire their knowledge or passion for the topic and automatically find them attractive or interesting.

You can be just as interesting as these people you find the most interesting, only if you had something interesting to talk about. The next time you meet those old high school buddies for a reunion, you could be the most interesting person in the room if you told a story about an adventure travelling around Northern Africa or something less physical like how many friends you made while learning a new language and how much of a cultural eye-opener the journey was for you.

Interesting people are simple people who have interesting things to talk about or people with interesting jobs like an astronaut. But while only a few astronauts can exist at a time, you could be the coolest guy in the room just because of your cool hobby.

In this piece, we are going to examine certain hobbies you can have that’ll make you a very interesting and attractive person, both at work and amongst friends.

For this write-up, hobbies are classified into three; Creative, Collective and Competitive and also cheap and expensive in each category.

Creative hobbies: Thesehobbies require that you acquire a skill or ability to carry them out.

Collective Hobbies: These hobbies require only knowledge, maybe a little skill, but certainly not expert level skills since the aim of a hobby is to have fun and entertain one’s self. But you can develop expert skill and knowledge in the process.

Competitive Hobbies: these are games that you indulge in your pastimes competing with other people, in the process we can become adept in playing these games and even teaching others.

Creative Hobbies

  1. Arts and Painting: Artists are my favourite people, the sheer ability of a person to turn a blank canvas into a story in a single picture, with strokes of paints, simply blows my mind, and so every time I meet an artist, my pupils are instantly dilated. While you might think that artistry requires inborn talents and gives to do, you would be partially wrong.

Keep in mind that the aim is to learn something new, entertain yourself, improve your cognitive skills and becomes a more rounded and also interesting person, not to become the next Michelangelo, or change your career.

In this case, all you need is a little training, nothing you can’t get from a few YouTube classes and expert instructors. Then you need a canvas, an easel platform for painting, some paints and a brush, and finally something to paint. You can decide to paint people, scenes or any other things that catch your fancy. You can even start with trying to paint your spouse, nothing screams romance than the sexy portraits of a loved one. Also, feel free to go to Titanic with it, but please take those classes first to be sure you know what you are doing.

Painting or anything in the arts will bring you contact with amazing friends, from the classes and Internet forums.

Oil Painting by Pierre Bamin on

Follow this link to an amazing YouTube class to learn oil painting from the master itself “Bob Ross.

  • Crafting: Just like painting, crafting is a hobby that requires some skills to master, and is certified to turn you into a ‘star’ amongst friends or co-workers. There are many different crafts you can undertake to add colours to your personality. These include building things. One craft that intrigues me personally is the ship in a bottle DIY (DO It Yourself) craft. The ship in a bottle craft will not only beautify your house when it is done but will also wow your guests and friends when they find out that you built it from start to finish. Here is a tutorial that will set you on your way to becoming a cool guy.
Ship in a bottle craft (courtesy Crissy Javis on

Another really interesting craft that takes about the same amount of work is sculpting. Sculpting like painting allows you to bring an image to life, sculpting involves carving of wood, welding of metal or moulding of mud/clay and a variety of different materials that sculptures can be made of. Several DIY tutorials can help you get on your merry way to a more confident life as a sculptor.

Other crafts you can take up are weaving, knitting, string art, lace making, quilting, etc.

  • Photography: Unlike crafting and art or painting, photography will cost you relatively nothing than what you already have and a good eye for scenes or places what immortalizing, a really good cell phone camera could be all you need to enter a National Geographic photo contest. There are many different types of photography you could choose to do, you become an animal/wild-life photographer without having to shake hands with the dreaded Lions of Kenya. You could be a nature photographer, you just might have a spectacular angle at the sunset on your way from work or a dazzling shot of daybreak and five minutes later, you will have a picture to wow your Facebook or Instagram friends with.

Photography comes with a bonus; you can sell your pictures on premium sites for some extra cash.

Also, you can take this hobby a step further by trying to dabble into the darkroom, developing your pictures. This is a very different aspect of photography.

  • Sky Gazing/ Astro-photography: This hobby might require a little more cash and a lot more patience to perfect.

Sky gazing is a hobby for nature lovers who are particularly interested or fascinated by the sky and exo-planets, this hobby will cost you nothing but nights out in the cold with your face up. Camping out with friends (especially with friends that help) is the best way to watch the skies, it makes for great campfire company or moonlight stories and although the moon will be an intrusion except it is a moon watching night.

Astro-photography goes hand in hand with sky watching, these two requires an ample amount of time gazing at the stars and exo-planets, except with Astro-photography, you will need a telescope to aim at a distant celestial body for a long duration of time to get a clear picture of it for your social media pages or simply to be framed as a prized possession, depending on the story of its outcome.

  • Learn to play an instrument: Finally on our list of hobbies and crafts is Music, the universal language of all creatures. The ladies will agree with me on this one that there is nothing sexier than a man playing the guitar, except perhaps a sexy good looking man.

The ability to play a musical instrument is always an attractive quality in a person that instantly spices up their personality. You too can upgrade your persona by picking up a musical instrument to learn from several instruments you could learn. A piano at the corner of your living room screams sophistication to anyone who steps into your apartment and brings you a certain amount of respect. You can also learn to play the drum, or a violin, note that all musical instruments have nearly the same effect on the player.

  • Writing: creative writing like reading can make you an interesting person as it helps to stimulate your imagination. An active imagination is needed for you to be good at creative writing: plotting and putting them into paper. There is no doubt that someone with an active imagination will be an interesting person to be with. For writing, may need to have a diary or jotter to put inspirational things in as they come into your mind. Your writing can be just prose or poetry.  

Collective Hobbies

In this segment, we will quickly list out the hobbies you can enjoy without having to spend so much time on tutorials in the case that you enjoy video or written tutorials, a little learning is needed to master anything anyways,

  1. Antique collections: If old valuables are things you find attractive or perhaps nature has chosen to help preserve our history, then antique collecting is your thing.

There are several kinds of antique you could chase down, but this hobby might be reserved for the rich because there are so many people gunning for the same item you want to acquire in many cases and with high demand comes at high prices. Here are some items you can collect

Vintage cars: on the top of this list is probably the most sought after item, wealthy men around the world are usually trying to outbid each other to acquire the first model of a particular car or one of its limited-edition rollouts, so they can park it in their garage to never be driven.

Jewellery: Certain jewels used to grace the necks and wrists of royalty or an important person who is now deceased or have been deceased for thousands of year, either way, owning something like that gives a lot of bragging right and an admiration of others, so why not.

Insect collecting: As weird as this might sound to you, it is a real thing. Collector builds all sorts of cages or enclosures of different types of rare insects, store them in there and feed them plants while watching them live in their zoos.

There are so many more items you could collect that’ll transform you into a cool guy and give you plenty of things to talk about amongst the company, while gaining the respect and admiration of your peers.

Stamp collecting (philately): even though letters are fast going into oblivion as a result of the dynamic effects of technology and the Internet on communication, stamp collecting can still be a stimulating hobby. This involves collecting stamps from various countries of the world: regular, special and commemorative stamps issued by the various postal agencies of the world.   

Competitive Hobbies

These are games and sporting hobbies that an individual can take up for the pastime. Some of these games can be done within the home or by enrolling in sports clubs.

Some of these are:

  1. boxed games: which are sometimes called board games, can be taken up as hobbies that will end up making you an interesting person. The best of these are the strategy games or trivia party games whose mastery can make you the soul of a party or gathering.
  2. electronic/video games also fall in this category. These can be word, sports, quizzes, or action games.

c) outdoor games: the interesting ones include Polo, sailing, rowing, equestrian (horse riding and jumping).

Generally, pick up a hobby today and see how much better your life is, how much better you feel and the respect and attention that people give you when you talk.

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