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Funke Akindele’s twins’ faces are exposed by JJC Skillz’s baby mama just as the couple seek professional help to save their marriage and Benito, JJC Skills’ son is fingered as the cause of new friction

Written by Ade

By Ade Ishola

Singer, producer and video director, AbdulRasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz and his popular actress and producer, Funke Akindele-Bello aka Jenifa are seriously working on making their marriage work despite their individual differences and the continued raging social media war by Mella. One of JJC Skillz’s baby mamas.

Sources close to the two entertainers revealed to The Observers Life that they have resolved to seek professional help, especially in the personal inadequacies as they affect their marriage. This decision came just as the couple got a rude shock on social media on Thursday when the faces of their twin sons were unveiled by Mella, the mother of Benito, JJC Skillz’s second son. Funke, who got married to JJC Skillz in 2016 and had a set of twins in 2018, had always made conscious efforts not to expose her children on social media.

But all these came to nothing when Mella, whose 17-year-old son had been fingered as the major cause of the friction between JJC Skillz and Funke, apparently on a revenge mission with Funke and in a bid to hit Funke where it might hurt her most, exposed the faces of her twin sons on her Instagram page.
The photo shows Funke, JJC, and their sons facing the camera, wearing the same clothing material and with a Christmas decoration in the background.
she captioned it:
“If you don’t want me to expose your family then don’t expose mine. Funke and Abdul Bello.”

Before this latest setback for the couple, sources close to them to The Observers Life that Funke has agreed to work on her quick temper while her husband is to work more on how to manage his ‘many but diverse’ families. The movie director has three children from his previous relationship before his marriage to Funke. The children: Tamira, Josiah and Benito all used to live in the UK. Also, the couple is to ‘untangle’ their business relationship to clearly state who gets what responsibilities and which entitlements

While the social media was agog with the information that Funke Akindele kicked JJC Skillz out of her Lekki house, sources said it was Benito that Funke sent out of her house. The actress’ decision followed her apparent inability to discipline the boy, who turned 17 years in February this year.

The 17-year-old recently is described by a close source to Funke as a drug addict who ‘managed to escape a misdemeanour charges in the UK at age 15 and got expelled from two prestigious secondary schools in Nigeria within the two years he lived with the couple.’ The last expulsion from Greenspring School was said to have enraged Funke who decided to put her feet down and demanded Benito leave her house.

JJC Skillz’s reaction was a thorough beating of the boy and a decision to return the boy to the UK. In order to ensure that Benito actually returned to the UK, he decided to accompany his son on the trip. This trip was what many misinterpreted as a separation for the couple.

At the height viral story of the couple’s separation went viral, Benito, in his usual mischievous manner, posted on a Tiktok post that reported about the crisis in the couple’s home, that living with Funke for two years was a horror. She said Funke is not who many people believe she is.

Even though he deleted this post, he later, a few days later, share a new video on his social media pages that got people talking. In the video, he was seen looking candidly at the camera before he started to laugh hard in a strange way. The video was accompanied by a caption: “You wanna bamba?”

Also, Mella in a recent chat with a blogger on Instagram accused Funke of trying to tarnish her son’s budding reputation as a musician. She said the JJC Skillz and Funke’s marriage is built on deceits, ‘lies, breakup and fake pregnancy.’

However, the couple is ignoring all negative comments about them on social media as they resolved to amend whatever might be causing friction between themselves.

Recently, JJC Skillz, in London, shared a loved up photo of himself with Funke and their twin sons on his Instagram page playing compliment to his family while Funke reacted to the post noting that she and the kids also miss him.

JJC Skillz wrote:

“The only rock I know that stays steady and the only institution

“I know that works is the FAMILY. London is cool but I’m missing home @funkejenifaakindele my love Have loads of fun with the children. See you soon at home. Don’t let anyone spoil your vibes #familyfirst❤️ #Bellos4ever #chinesswhispers #devilisaliar.”

Funke’s reaction:

“Darling. ❤️❤️❤️ thank you. We miss you too.”

And the couple got a big encouragement from a comment by Taiye Fajemisin, the mother of Tamia, JJC Skillz’s daughter, who recently graduated with a Degree in Media and Communications Studies from a British University.

She wrote”

 “All peachy and plum, God bless your family blood. Remain blessed, we have your back always.”

She definitely said what many wishers of the couple are wishing for.

But now, people are wondering how Funke or even JJC Skillz, still in London, will react to the new weird move by Mella.

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