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Four basic things a woman should do to be attractive

Written by Solomon Unoke

For a woman to be always attractive to the opposite gender is a complete package

Felicia Coker and Sunday Akintoye

A woman is deemed to be an attraction to men. But this is not always the case, especially if some basic things are missing from her personae.

Beauty and fashion consultants and believe that for a woman to be attractive to many categories of men, some things must be present in her physique, carriage and personality.

  1. A good beauty routine and regime: A lady needs to have a perfect beauty regime that suits her skin. This regime should take care of her skin, nails and hair. Experts say this should be a regular routine.

Mrs Moji Adeogun, a Beauty Consultant, says all women should have beauty routines that take care of all parts of their bodies.

“An attractive lady should have the right body cream that suits her skin type and complexion; a periodic manicure and pedicure routine and hair regime, with style that fits the head and body. And of course a good smelling perfume,” she said.

Funke, a hairstylist, based in Ikeja, Lagos said a woman can look good if she does a good hairstyle. She said a nice wig can easily bring the beauty of a woman out.

“A woman who wants to look good should carry a beautiful hairstyle, either as weaveon, or other hair good style that would bring her beauty out. We know that the beauty of a woman lies on her hair so without a good hairstyle, her facial look may not be attractive enough to the opposite sex,” she said.

ii. Be Fashionable: Being fashionable is really the ability to combine the

right clothes and accessories that suit your body shape. Experts say this also include choosing the right comfortable underwear and make-up for each occasion.

Mrs Aina Ologun, who owns a boutique in an area in Lagos Mainland, says a woman should have the right clothes in her wardrobe to suit any event she attends.

“Depending on your daily schedule and career, you should have clothes and accessories that fit into office, formal and casual events. These should also go with the right leather accessories like shoes, bags, purses and belts as well as the right jewellery accessories like ear-rings, neck chains, bangles and hand chains,” she said.  

She warned that these should be items that match the physique and skin complexion of the wearer, and not just items and things that are in vogue.

Wunmi, another boutique owner, agreed that women need good cloth and accessories to turn out well and attractive. She said for a corporate career lady, a black blazer is an important clothing item.

“This is an essential item for every lady’s wardrobe. If you work in a corporate organization, women need this for work and meetings. You can also wear it on a pair of jeans for a more casual look that is not work-related,” she said.

Titilayo Badejo, who deals in accessories, said these are items a woman should consider while dressing up.

“A woman can have good and unique accessories in her wardrobe that can be used to complement and dress up her outfits, like one stylish handbag in her wardrobe that gives her some class and sophistication, a nice wristwatch, a neckpiece, a cocktail ring, earrings, a belt, sunglasses, a bracelet and others. They are a necessity for the fashion conscious lady,” she said.

iii. Be healthy and exercise: this should be aimed at ensuring your wellness

and fitness at all times. For a woman, this should include taking care of any disease or illness, whether personal, hereditary, women-related or general.

An attractive woman should also take serious her personal hygiene routine of twice-daily baths/showers, including nightly make-up removal and oral hygiene.  

A fitness regime, such as light home or gym or road workouts, should be considered to maintain a great shape as a woman goes through childbirth and ageing processes

iv. Pleasant Disposition: Looking good or attractive starts from the inside out. This includes a pleasant and confident disposition with the occasional sense of humour.

Stella Ugwu, a personal coach, says it is essential for a lady to exhibit confidence always.

“If you are confident, many will find you attractive as well. This is a basic thing to have to be attractive to people. You can show confidence by smiling often and portraying positive body language,” she said.

She advises that every woman should comport herself with poise and confidence as well as communicate with confidence

Ugwu also says any attractive woman would be someone who avoids thinking negative thoughts about herself.

“You should avoid being constantly worried about your flaws as this will invariably show in how you present yourself to the world,” she advised.

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