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Five things you can gain from the Internet

Written by Sunday Akintoye

The Internet still offers lots of benefits to Nigerians in spite of its being subjected to lots of abuses in recent past.

Sunday Akintoye

The Internet and its paraphernal have been subjected to lots of abuses and castigations by people. But, in spite of these, the media still hold many benefits to most people making use of it.                                                                                                                                                                    The emergence of Internet in the last few decades has brought a drastic change in economic, political, intellectual, and socio-cultural interactions in the world today. It is clear that the Internet offers lots of benefits for Nigerians.

Presently, the Internet is one of the fastest ways for people to positively engage themselves especially when it comes to communication, information, education, entertaining, and economic activities.

  1. Communication: The Internet gives vast opportunities for people to communicate with other people who are from different countries. The Internet also helps Nigerians to connect with their friends and other people within or outside the country. People now communicate with faster ways than those of the olden times. These means include email and the social media.                                                                                                    Japhet Olasehinde, who returned back to Nigeria recently, said when he was outside the country, he still kept in contact with his friends and got more friends on social media.     “I made a lot of friends through social media and I still keep my old friends too because we always chat on social media. Without the social media, I would have lost many of them,” said Olasehinde.
  2. Search for Information: Nigerians are gaining a lot and bettering their lives on social media through effective search for information. Prior to the emergence of social media or the Internet, both young ones and adults go to library to search for information or read newspapers or listen to the broadcast media( television and radio) to get latest news but today information is always available on social media. Social media helps people to get first hand news information before the traditional media break it. The era of waiting for evening news on television or radio or the newspaper next day is gone because with the introduction of social media, one can quickly get first-hand information without waiting for a particular time or period.
  3. Education:  Many Nigerians who are still in school or working use the Internet or social media to do their works. Some of them use the social media or the Internet to do their homework or reports so that they can understand what they are learning and handle their work in a more efficient way. 

  Mrs Ronke Adedeji, a secondary school teacher in Lagos, said many Nigerians benefit a lot on the Internet as they use its platforms to update their knowledge. She said during the COVID-19 lockdown, many Nigerian schools used the Internet to teach their students and reach them online from their homes: teaching them, giving home assignments and keeping them busy.            

  “At times when I give my students homework or assignment, many of them don’t task their brain any longer, they would use their parents’ phones or laptops to do the assignments. Some also do researches on their own,” she said.                                                     People can also use social media to develop themselves in area of skills and professions. There are lots of websites, including YouTube that are devoted to teaching skills and professional knowledge.                                                                                                                        4.   Entertainment: When Burna Boy won the Grammy recently, most of his fans went to the Internet to get the updates on him and even the ceremony. In the area of entertainment, youths are gaining a lot on the Internet. It is obvious that most entertainment-loving are on the Internet to get latest music, movies sports, and latest gossips on stars making wave across the world.                                                                       Hassan Owolabi, a DJ, said youths benefit a lot from social media as far as entertainment industry is concerned. He said many of them are on the Internet to be entertained and followed what is happening in the industry.

“Of course many young people love entertainment. Many latest music, movies and sports events are uploaded on the Internet and if you are the type that is interested in all these, you can watch it at your comfort zone through your phone,” he said.

  • Economic: Aside using social media to connect friends, many people have improved their economic situation through opportunities gotten on the Internet. These include new job opportunities, marketing of products, services and ideas; partnership and other business opportunities.                                                                                                             Many knew about job opportunities themselves through search online or through referral of others, including new friends they met on social media who connected them to juicy and lucrative jobs. Nigerians no longer need to rely on newspapers to check for job vacancies.                                                                                                                             Many people nowadays use the Internet for business transactions, buying and selling products and services. These transactions are completed using online payment channels.                                                                                                                                            E-commerce is becoming more popular among Nigerians because of its convenience and ease of buying various products without walking long distance to a shopping mall or market.

Chima Ifeanyi, a young graduate who lives in Lagos Island, confirmed that he bought many of his shoes and clothes through the Internet. He said when he sees clothes and shoes on the Internet and the prices are affordable, he goes for them.

“The Internet today has really helped many young people in terms of business transactions. Most of the things I have today, I got them on social media or the Internet. If someone posts something that I like, I go for it. Most of my shoes I have today, I bought them online so social media has more positive than negative impact,” he said.

In her own comment, Arike Ojelade, a Lagos-based businesswoman, said she does her business mostly online. She said the online business is less stressful and reduce the cost of logistics.

“I am a business woman, I sell products online. Many customers show interest in my product. At times, I take the products to my customer’s home after we have negotiated the price online. At times, we fix a place where we meet and deliver the goods. For me, it has been a wonderful experience working on online,

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