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Controversy as Chrisland student’s dad denies her apology and accounts on social media

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Ade Ishola

A new controversy is brewing over the incident of sexual misconduct of some students of Chrisland School, Lagos during a school trip recently to Dubai to participate in the World School Games.

The new controversy is the authenticity of the apology alleged to have been made by the 10-year-old girl, who was involved in a sex video that went viral on the Internet.

The girl’s purported apology, which was followed by deletion of some of her posted videos on her page, Bhadgurl4k, on a social media app, Likee, on Friday, had been disowned by her father.

Her father said the apology was not from his daughter as she no longer uses social media, stating that since the incident went viral the family had withdrawn her access to all her accounts. He said it has been two weeks since his daughter touched a phone or used the Internet.

He said since the controversial issue started, the family had deleted no fewer than 87 accounts created by impostors.

“My daughter has never touched the phone for the past two weeks. She has never touched anything Internet; those accounts are fake and we have deleted them as of Friday, 87 fake accounts. All of them are fake and they are imposters.” He said.

The girl was reported on social media to have deleted her videos on her known Likee page where she had over 12400 fans, and later apologised for her role in the Dubai incident on her Tiktok account.

“I made a mistake, now I’m living with the consequences. I regret it, I really do. And I’m sorry”.

She informed her followers that she will be absent from social media for some time to thoroughly recover from the upheaval caused by the news.

Her 526 dance videos, some erotic, were deleted and on her Tiktok account, where she had 12,000 followers, she sought the forgiveness of her followers last Thursday.

“Don’t let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a lesson that strengthens the person you’ll become,” she added.

But hardly had this been done that some netizens were on her case, pouring abuses on her parents for still allowing her to have access to social media. 

But her father had now come out to debunk the deletion by her.

“Can a 10-year-old girl delete social media? This child has never touched anything Internet or phone. She doesn’t have an account on (Likee). The account was closed as soon as we found out. These people (school) hid this thing for the past one month, we found out and raise the alarm.

“We are surprised that they started going to pick a child’s picture; like a child will stay in the house and snap a picture and start posting it, so we closed the account.

“On Friday, I was coming from Panti (SCID), I was with my daughter in the car; my wife and lawyer were in the car and we were driving home when a friend called me that my daughter was chatting now. I said which chatting, my daughter is with me now and doesn’t have any phone with her. I said we are together and somebody is chatting and it is not my daughter,” the father said

The child’s account on Likee, which she had been operating for three years before the Dubai incident, became a major social media attraction following the release of her Dubai sex tape and her mother’s allegation that she was raped by her classmates in Dubai and that Chrisland’s management had conducted pregnancy tests on her thrice without parental consent.

Crying out for help in a viral video posted on the Instagram page of a music executive, Ubi Franklin, who claimed to be a family friend, the woman claimed that the school tried to cover up the incident from them till another parent showed her the video of the incident. The aggrieved mother further claimed that the school threatened to kill her daughter if she ever spoke about the incident.

“A parent called me that she needed to see me urgently. I went to her house and she told me that something had been trending in Chrisland and she believes I was not aware. The woman showed me the video and told me that all the parents are aware. Immediately I informed my husband.

“Please I am begging Nigerians to help me because Chrisland was trying to hide this issue. They were trying to push us out of the way and my daughter was affected psychologically. Please I need help as a mother. I am begging fellow Nigerians to help me.

“They have been threatening my daughter that if she speaks out they are going to kill her. That it is a man’s world and nothing would happen. My daughter was dying in silence,” she said in parts of the video.

She said Chrisland suspended her daughter when the family confronted the school about its misdeed.

“Because we have started confronting them that we are aware of what they did, the school sent her a suspension letter,” she said.

Crying in the video, she claimed her daughter was drugged before she was raped.

“When she got into the room, one of them said she should take her charger from the toilet it was when she entered the toilet, that they hijacked her and told her to take a substance, so they were all under the influence. She said after that she did not know what she was doing again. They told her to be climbing them and someone stood there videoing them and posting it out,” she said.

 But hardly had she posted the video, aided by Ubi Franklin, said to be a social media influencer than Nigerians, especially those who had seen her daughter’s sex video, started picking holes in her narration.

Many believed that it was her daughter that was the aggressor in the sex tape and with her performance she was not new to the sex game. And some doubted her age to be 10 years old with her matured sexual acts and body.

One of the parents of students of Chrisland Schools, who was in Dubai with her son, claimed her son said the girl owned up to the sex tape “with her full chest” when she was confronted.

The obvious lie in the girl’s mother’s plea turned the searchlights on her and her family. People found out that the girl, believed to be between 13 years and 14 years, has an active presence on the Likee with thousands of followers and videos, some of which are erotic.

A recent video of her surfaced online where she jokingly promised to expose her friend who has been sleeping with boys in school to her aunty.

 Her mother’s social media pages revealed pictures of her in trendy, close-fitting outfits, unlike the iro and buba she put on when making her plea video on Ubi Franklin’s page.

Her pictures also displayed opulence as she posed in front of exotic vehicles and a mansion.

her mother

People also released some sexy photos of the girl’s elder sister posted on social media by her. The pictures drew numerous reactions with many questioning the parenting ability of the girls’ parents.

Another picture of the mother

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