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Boobs come in shapes and sizes, what are yours?

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Knowing your breasts’ shapes and size can help you choose the right bras. But first, you need to know your breasts shape

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Most women know that wearing the right fitting bras gives them confidence. But not many know the implications of not wearing the right-fitting bras as almost 55 per cent of women wear the wrong-sized and fitting bras daily.

Most women ignore the whispering from their bras, trying to tell them that they are wearing the wrong fit or size: the irritation, the hook biting into skin or wire digging in, strap slipping off all day long.

The wrong-fitting bras might end up causing problems for you. They increase the chance of premature breast sagging, increase the deep creases and bulges around the chest, and might even cause some health complications in the future.

Experts believe that wearing a tight bra can cause scarring even leading to an unwanted ‘bra roll’, a pronounced scar under the bra line. A wrong-sized bra might have a loose band making the straps to provide the support thereby leading to pressure on the shoulders.

Also, ill-fitting bras can lead to health problems, including the acquisition of bad posture, shoulder pain, and skin irritation. It may even lead to the breasts becoming overly large for the woman’s frame.

The perfect-sized bra makes you feel comfortable and confident and helps you maintain a youthful breast position and body contour. A right-sized bra should support the breasts primarily by the circumference.

Experts advise that you should always do the ‘T-shirt test’ on every of your bra. This is simply putting a tight white T-shirt over your bra. If you can see the bra outline very clearly: whether the cup edge is bulging or gaping, or the strap or the sides are digging in, then you are wearing the wrong size.

However, finding or determining the right bra size is a difficult task for most women. A bra that fits cup-wise might have straps that tend to slip, or it might be the other way round: the straps fit perfectly, but the band is a bit tight. And also, anatomically, one breast is sometimes slightly smaller than the other.

So the first task in finding the perfect bra should be knowing your breast shape. Note that each person’s breasts are unique and different from another person’s as no two people breasts look the same. Breasts come in shapes and sizes

Apart from the shape your breasts might have blossom o at teenage years, your breast shape, over the years are determined by a lot of factors including your genes, nursing, weight gains and loss, weight, hormones, age, and gravity. 

For you to determine your breast shapes you need to take off your clothe and bra and stand in front of the mirror with a piece of paper and pen or pencil. First, take mental note of the shape of your breasts from the side, draw this shape on a piece of paper. Or you could take a picture of yourself from the side.

The rounded standard breast Shape: this breast has fatty tissue equally distributed.

Swooping Breast Shape: this fuller at the bottom and the nipple points upward. This is usually the shape of women who have nursed babies and lost volume up at the top of the breast or lost weight. You can also be born with breasts shaped like this.

Sagging Breasts: are breasts that point downward, usually caused by several factors such as gravity, genetics, age, menopause, the amount of fat tissue in them or not usually wearing supportive bras.

Large Breasts: have higher volumes of fatty tissue in them.  

Small Breasts: have a small volume of fat tissue in them.

Constricted or Tubular: are fuller on the bottom than they are at the top.

Snoopy Breasts looks like the tubular breast but slightly different in shape like a pointy pyramid and are fuller on the bottom then they are at the top. 

With the knowledge of your breasts shape, you should go for the proper bra type for your breasts.

These are the recommendations of some experts:

For a standard breast, it is recommended that you wear a moulded or full coverage bra.

If you have swooping breasts, you should wear bras that have fuller cups to take care of the shape.

For sagging breasts, you must choose the correct bra as an incorrectly fitting bra may make your breast tissues to stretch, break, and lose their elasticity.  The only way to remedy this is to start wearing a correct bra, have soft cup bras with underwires to support the breasts and prevent future stretching to occur.

Large breasts: Pay attention to the middle part of the bra, with gaps in between the breasts. The underwire should also cover your side boobs completely with the band is comfortable and lying low in the back.

Small breasts: The small breasts should be clothed in either the push-up or padded bra. The push-up bra is only padded at the bottom, creating more cleavage by pushing the breasts up and together while a padded bra is more evenly padded throughout the cup to give the breasts a fuller look.

Tubular and snoopy breasts: These breasts should be in bras like those of the swooping breasts: with full cups to eliminate having the top of the cup with gapping space.

Pigeon Breasts: the best bras are those with underwire soft cups to take care of the volume still retain in the breasts.

These are the basic tips for choosing the type of bra for your breasts shape. But note that bras with built-in underwire are not usually more supportive as while the wires help maintain the shape of the cups a poor fit can cause some damages. Improper size or long usage can lead to the wire digging into the side of the breast.

So ladies, choose your bras based on the shape of your breasts and then the sizes.

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