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Bizarre; Baby Born Still In the Amniotic Sac. (Video)

Baby born still in the amniotic sac
Written by duyisegun

When human babies are born, they are born whole, and crying, This video shows a very strange case where a baby born didn’t cry, and while that is usually a bad, terrifying situation, this was a different one.

The newborn was born while still completely covered in his amniotic sac, and the doctor and midwives took the time to make a video of the very rare occurrence.

As you can clearly see in the video, the baby didn’t cry until the sac was torn by the doctor, this is because the sac retained the same feeling as the inside of a womb, and from what we know, babies cry due to the drastic change in environmental conditions between the womb and the world around him/her.

Baby born still in his amniotic sac

Enjoy the video.

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