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BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Third Saturday’s night party went down with a groove

Written by Solomon Unoke

The third Saturday night party of the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eyes went down with a groove as  housemates loosen up and enjoyed themselves and fully enjoyed with the music from DJ Xclusive from 10pm to 12 midnight.

Also, drinks flowed endlessly as some housemates drank too much.

With a Caribbean theme, the housemates turned up for the party drawing inspiration from the Caribbean as all male housemates wore shorts while the female housemates had different shades of soft flowing attires with garlands or lei worn around their necks and head.

As usual, Queen was a great dancer, performing majestically on the dance floor at party even when she got drunk from endless drinking of the liquor on offfer, her dance steps remain a major highlight of party.

For every song, Queen had a body movement and she changed her dance moves almost as frequently as DJ Xclusive changed the track.

For the house couple, Jackie B and Michael it was a time to continue with the affection, as they kept their bodies grinding against each other for the better part of the party, even when Michael, at different times decided to switch moves with other female housemates.

After the party, which was Michael’s first, the emotions set in and he found comfort in the hands of Peace, who was a little tipsy.

This saw Jackie B raising an eyebrow and requesting a talk.

Jackie B had complained about Michael’s embarrassing acts – earlier in the day, he had pulled Angel over to give him a head massage while Jackie was there and had just made him lunch.

The two had several minutes to discuss their relationship and Michael insisted he could walk out if Jackie B maintains her pre-imposed conclusions.

For Cross, it seem being bare chested at parties is a tradition as it was not long before he pulled off his shirt to display his abs as he whined and wriggled on the dance floor with as many female housemates as possible. And then he got drunk.

Newcomer, JMK, who was introduced into the house exactly a week ago, finally decided to let her hair down as she displayed her dancing and booty-shaking abilities and good networking to endear herself to several housemates.

House leaders: Pere and Maria also loosened up at the party. Pere, most especially abandoned his military-style  leadership to enjoy himself. But he remained glued to his deputy and love interest, Maria, for the better part of the party. The two kept whining and grinding close to the mirror for a better part of the party till they found other opposite housemates to dance with. Even though Maria was still careful with whom she danced with, it seemed Pere was past caring.

Other couples, Nini and Saga, Emmanuel and Liquorose probaly used the party to cement their developing relationships. For the better part of the party, the two pairs remained glued to each other.

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