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BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Confusion, surprises as Nini disappears and reappears after 24hours

Written by Ade

Other Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate woke up on Thursday morning to see Nini, one of them on her bed after she was gone from the house for 24 hours.

Throughout Wednesday, Day 60 of the show, Nini was away from the house, on instruction from big Brother, who sent her on a secret mission.

Her disappearance got other housemates worried and scared, most especially Saga, her love interest in the house. On Wednesday morning, he broke down in tears. He also went to the Diary Room door appealing to biggie to open the door so he can search for Nini.

But in the early hours of Thursday, Nini sneaked back into the house through the secret door upstairs and headed downstairs. In the process, she woke up Pere, who had fought hard to stay awake all night.

As Nini sneaked into her bed, Pere woke Saga, who was also lying down at the main lounge, apparently watching out for Nini too.

Both of them went to meet Nini on the bed, bewildered and stared at her while Nini pretended to be sleeping. The pair had to leave her and went to the lounge to discuss the development.

Pere told Saga that he kept watching throughout the night and thought Nini sneaked into the house from upstairs. Saga said that he guessed the housemates were pranked by Nini and Biggie because Nini carried essential items like toothpaste and soap.

During Nini’s disappearance on Wednesday, Biggie called Liquorose, the Head of House, to the Diary Room and instruct her that the housemates should look for Nini, but if they failed to find her in 20 minutes, they should pack her belongings and put in the storeroom. They never did and had to pack Nini’s belongings.

Throughout Wednesday, it was confusion and speculation. At a point during the day, Biggie called Nini to the Diary Room.

“Nini, please report to the Diary Room,” Biggie announced on the speaker.

This threw the other housemates into a frenzy as they hurried into the main lounge, expecting Nini.

But after waiting for some time without her appearance, they concluded that she was in the Diary Room and wondered how she got there or long she will take be in there.

Some housemates decided to keep watch at the Diary Room as they speculated on what must have happened.

It was Pere that got a bit closer. He said Big Brother must have asked Nini to hide somewhere as a task or a prank.

“I think Nini is hiding somewhere. It could be a task or a prank,’ he said.

But Emmanuel wondered where she could have been hiding.

But Pere was confident, “Dude, are you serious? She’s hiding because Big Brother told her to hide,” he said, as he speculated that there must be a hidden door somewhere around the house.

It would be recalled that Big Brother during a diary session on Tuesday after Nini broke down in tears and complained about being exhausted, instructed her to use a secret emergency exit upstairs and leave the house for 24 hours.

She was instructed to keep the secret and not disclose it to anyone.

After her ‘mysterious’ reappearance on Thursday morning. Other housemates woke up to see her on her bed and asked her where she had been.

Feigning ignorance of any other things happening, Nini told them she had been in the house all along.

“I have been here all the while. Haven’t you seen me all this while? I was there when you came to bed with Whitemoney,” she told Queen, who sat beside her on the bed.

The task for Nini involves her feigning ignorance and acting like nothing happened when questioned about her whereabouts.

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