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BBNaija Season 7: House in roforofo fight as the levels are merged 

Written by Ade

There was large scale drama and chaos at the Big Brother Naija House as housemates of the Season 7 Level Up, who were merged 5unday night after the eviction show, confronted each other over rumours of oral sex between Groovy and Phyna.

The rumour of the sex under duvet was started by Amaka last week in a chat with Chi chi from Level 1 during their game task. Amaka told her friend all the happenings in Level One house, including that of Daniella and Khalid, Groovy and Phyna relationships .

These talks were related by Chchi to Bella, who later gossiped about it to Chomzy. Bella warned Chomzy to be careful of Groovy as she didn’t trust his intentions towards her.

Chomzy, who has a crush on Groovy, confronted him over the rumours. But unfortunately, Groovy felt Phyna was the instigator of such rumours and confronted her.

The drama became more intense as Phyna decided to investigate those behind the stories. She confronted Amaka, who denied starting the rumours. Chichi and Bella also denied same.

The house turned against Chomzy as they attacked her for spreading false information and trying to stir up drama. Chomzy maintained her stand, saying it was Bella who told her.

After the fight, Chomzy stated that she had realised the true nature of Bella.

“The person I consider a friend just denied me. Even peter did not deny Jesus like this,” she said.

Since Biggie merged the Level 1 and Level 2 housemates there have been drama upon chaos in the house. The housemates got into a fight on their first night, leaving Diana in tears, when she and Chichi fought over locker in the merged house.

Diana, the owner of the locker, had allowed Deji, Chichi’s supposed boyfriend, to share her locker.

Deji had begged Diana to allow his girlfriend also join him, to which she agreed. However, Chichi, who didn’t know the arrangements, confronted Diana, accusing her of trying to steal her man.

Chichi went on to make a big issue of it telling everyone who cared to listen. As Phyna and Amaka tried calming her down, but Chichi was bent on dragging Diana.

Chomzy, a friend of Chichi, expressed her displeasure over Chichi’s behaviour to Sheggz and Bella. And later Deji joined them to explain the situation to them and faulted Chichi for overreacting.

At first, Diana kept mute to avoid getting into a fight but she got fed up with Chichi’s insults and confronted her. Things got worse as Chichi hurled more insults at her and went to the locker to unpack Diana’s belongings.

Diana, who felt hurt by her behaviour, broke down in tears.

Head of house, Eloswag took her to the garden, where he calmed her down and uplifted her spirit.

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