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AY beef with Basketmouth renews

Written by Ade

Ade Ishola

The longtime feud between two top comedians – Ayo Makun (AY) and Bright Okpocha (Basketmouth) is refusing to die down.

In the latest development, AY in chats with his followers on Instagram revealed that his (AY) quarrel with Basketmouth was on the comedian’s behaviour as being superior to other comedians and he (AY) decided to stay off Basketmouth to avoid his incessant childish behaviour.

“I don’t have issues with him. But people having unnecessary issues with you are the price you sometimes pay for being progressive. He has been battling with his uncontrollable superiority complex for the longest. So avoiding his incessant childishness only became necessary for my own sanity”.

When asked by another fan if he is on talking term with Basketmouth, AY said, “we only talk to those who want to talk to us. Does this make sense?”.

There have been rumours for years that the two top comedians are not talking to each other as they have never worked together for a long time.

Basketmouth, in an interview on Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s Black Box Interview series on Bounce Radio, said that he fell out with AY because AY ‘messed with loyalty’.

“I don’t mess around with loyalty. He came into my space and messed around with loyalty.

“He said something that he wasn’t supposed to say. That was going to cause a rift between me and this person.

“It was Magmus (Umeri), my lawyer. I said something to AY, and he told Magmus, and he wasn’t supposed to say it,” Basketmouth said.

But Basketmouth said they have settled it and moved on but he and AY are not friends but remain cordial.

Basketmouth played down the speculation that he fell out with AY because he took Bovi Ugboma, AY’s former mentee, from him. He said he met Bovi for the first time at a comedy event in Abuja, and from there, they became friends.

“I did not snatch Bovi. Bovi is not a girl,” Basketmouth said.

On the other hand, Bovi has continued to throw shades at AY.

In a question and answer session with his fans, Bovi tacitly refused that he can’t perform in any AY’s show.

When a fan asked why he doesn’t perform on the AY show, he replied questioning if the fan had seen Chris Rock performing at Kelvin Hart.

“You ever seen Chris Rock at a Kevin Hart show?”

And when another fan noted that Bovi, Buchi and Basketmouth don’t associate with Ayo, Bovi replied that AY is too black and he refused to bleach.

“He’s too black and he refused to bleach,” Bovi said.

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