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7 things you need to try before you die

Making bucket list
Written by Ade

There are some incredible and little things you need to try your hands on as a person before you die, just for the thrills and fulfilment as a person

Solomon Unoke

The most surprising thing about life is how quickly time flies. Once you are a young person with springs in the heels, eager and ready to take on the world, knowing your whole life is ahead of you, and next you are in your middle-age with falling health and slowing down from life’s adventures.

And some regrets start coming in. Since the time spent cannot be recovered, choosing how we spend our time and the things we choose to do with it is the ultimate best way to live our lives. For most people, their childhoods were filled with so much hope and colourful dreams, but never get to live their actual dreams as they simply get caught in the process of daily living forgetting about their dreams.

If you want to want to feel alive again or are simply looking for interesting things to do to spark up your life and stir up that youthful energy one more time, then it is time to start planning again for those wishful adventures.

But before you go on, make a bucket list of these things you will like to do before you ‘kick the bucket.’ Those things should be written down and filed, you can even frame the list. Writing down your bucket list makes it a contract that you need to fulfil, and a very way to commit yourself and to keep your mind on your goals.

Here are 7 things you can add to that list to enable you to put the sparkle in your life again and control it.

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  1. Volunteer your time: Give thought to someone as helping someone else gives you a feeling of elevation. Being in the position to give help or assist makes you feel like you are doing better with your life, and will generally make you feel better with how your life is going. Where to volunteer: – Elders/ Disabled children home: This has a positive psychological effect to it. Spending time with aged people who are capable of very little, who also have limited time will give you reasons to appreciate life the more. And knowing that you are helping ease the last days of some people, makes you believe karma will favour you if you believe in such. Likewise, helping children with physical, learning and physiological disabilities like Autism, Down’s Syndrome, etc will make you appreciate the greatest gift given to you by God: the ability to live a complete and fulfilled life. – As a mentor or counsellor in a youth centre or school: Many young people through tough times with little or no guidance from the adults. Give part of your time mentoring and counselling them. Giving and sharing part of your experiences and skills to help put them through life. This can be in areas of motivation, career guidance, imparting life skills or sports skills and others. Knowing you have impacted positively on someone’s life will give you a sense of accomplishment. – Participate in civic or community duties: No doubt the country is passing through lots of hassles with governmental actions or interventions barely enough. Use your skills, resources and connections to organize with others critical interventions needed in your community or certain areas to support or fill a governmental intervention to make the world a better place.
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2. Learn a new skill or language: Several careers and jobs are time-consuming and give you very little time to engage in any other activity. Sometimes you end up doing something you don’t even like. Learning is considered a youthful endeavour, simply knowing that your mind is sharp enough to compute something new fills you with the right amount of dopamine, which is the chemical your brain releases when you are being rewarded for something or whenever you win something.

Benefits of learning a new skill/language:

  • Makes you a more interesting person: We all love and respect people whom we turn to for answers or advice whenever we are stuck or need information. So if you are that guru or person in your group or circle, you automatically stand out of the crowd and wouldn’t have to do much to stay relevant.
  • New income source: Your newfound skill or hobby can easily become a newfound paycheck that makes your life a lot easier, you could make money doing something you love.
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3. Take a road trip: This is simply trying to know more about your country. Take a vacation and try to be on the road for at least 24 hours. A road trip is best if you have a car to travel in and probably sleep in it at night. But with the security problems around the country, it might be safer and more comfortable if you can stop at a motel each night during your road trip to get a good night’s sleep.

In fact, for security purposes and conveniences depending on your city or country, it is advisable to use a motel service for your night rests and to also freshen for the next.

Benefits of a road trip

  • A road trip helps you enjoy the leisure part of cars and help you enjoy a good drive, especially if you are someone who has to deal with the daily hassles of going to and from work in a city with traffic jams, hassles and stress.
  • Sightseeing: A road trip is a mini-vacation, and a good chance for sightseeing. Your drive through the city or open roads will give plenty of time to appreciate the sights and truly enjoy nature, a truly therapeutic experience.
  • Get out of your routine: A road trip takes you out of your daily routine in a relaxing manner; this is synonymous with coming up for air after diving deep into the ocean for a length of time.
Photo by stein egil liland from Pexels

4. Witness a rare natural event or traditional festival in another locality:

If you get to get to witness a once in a lifetime event, you automatically become one of the few people in the world who will ever get to witness or experience that said thing. These can be natural events, wonders of the world or even rare traditional festivals from another tribe or country.

Events to witness:

  • The Northern lights: Also known as Aurora is a magnificent beauty in the sky that’s created with charged particles from the sun colliding with the earth’s magnetic field. Although this event is only seen in some parts of the world, only in the northern hemisphere, it is an absolute sight to behold, and the scene is usually visited by hundreds of people, so the extra activities only give your cool stories to tell.
  • An active volcano: There are more than 50 active volcanoes in the world, and one of them might be close enough to you, making it possible for you to enjoy the beauty of the destructive power of the planet. Watching an active volcano erupt can give a sense of rush and adventure, and that’s a memory that’ll stay with you for a long time.
  • Unique Festivals: there are rare/ yearly festivals around Nigeria that are exciting. There are also some across the globe.

5. Bring your idea to life: The graveyard is said to be the richest place in the world because of all the wasted or un-utilized talents and ideas that have been buried over the years. By chasing your dream and bringing that idea to life, you automatically belong to the very few who enrich the world, not the many who enriched the cemetery.

It is impossible to describe what this feeling will mean to you, you alone know what your dream business or idea means to you, and the reward you feel for crossing this great milestone can only be described by you.

6. Write Something: You can contribute to the knowledge base on the universe, you don’t have to write a book for the best sellers or a storybook that transcends genre.

The universe is an ever-growing organism, and with each newfound knowledge or invention, we move closer to a better civilized global society. You can contribute to this by basically recounting your experience at something: experience in a career/ job; marriage or leading a particular group. Etc.

One of the easiest ways to write a book is to document your process of achieving something and then compile it into a book for anyone who might try to ply the same route someday.

If you document your process of completing a task, starting a business, learning a skill etc, apart from the dopamine rewards, you get to keep a journal or log, and ultimately write a book. So that way you get a triple reward. You can choose to distribute your book for free, as a donation to mankind. Note, that you don’t need to be an expert writer to write a book, there are professional editors out there to help you polish your thoughts into a winning text.

7. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro: This is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain above sea level in the world, 19, 341 feet above its plateau base. Located in Tanzania, the mountain offers a thrilling adventure for hikers and climbers. Officially there are seven trekking routes to climb or descend the mountain. These routes offer between six to nine days. The oldest person to reach the summit is Dr Fred Dishelhorst, an American who did that on July 19, 2017, aged 88 years old. The youngest person to reach the summit is Keats Boyd, an American, who at age 7 years achieved this on January 21, 2008. Note that the high elevation of the mountain, low temperature and high winds make the climb potentially dangerous.

Conclusion; the world mostly dictates what gets to happen in our lives, in recent years, situations have been out of our hands, we have gone from a pandemic to a potential world war. And since time waits for no one, you must learn to take charge of the events in your life and the best way to do this is to make your bucket list and fill it up.

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