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54 Must-Have Items In Every Man’s Wardrobe

Written by Akinmade

This guide gives you a tip on basic clothing and other essentials that should be in your wardrobe if you are a fashionable and practical guy

By Tunde Niyi-Akinmade

Being a practically fashionable man does not mean you must be showy or loud with your dressing.

But this simply means you are fashionably dressed for all occasion. Style is a personal thing and not necessarily following a fad or trend, which are bound to fade out over the seasons.

But some male clothing items will always be there all seasons. This is a guide to those things you need to have in your wardrobe to be adequately dressed for all seasons and occasions.

These are:


  • A white collared cotton shirt: A classic white cotton is a classic men clothing item any day.  It goes with virtually anything down, worn with a tie or open-necked.
  • A sky blue shirt: This is a perfect combination for a navy blue blazer or worn open-necked with a white T-shirt on a warm day.
  • A grey shirt: a sexy alternative to the black shirt. Comes in handy for some occassions.
  • A print shirt: get that casual look with a print shirt. Made of Ankara or Tye and dye or flower material it is a cool clothing item.


  • A white polo T-shirt: A clean white Polo T-shirt comes in handy on a dress-down day. Worn simply over chinos or jeans with a pair of loafers.
  • A grey T-shirt: A sexy item in your wardrobe: either as a crew neck or a V-neck, it is a smash item.
  • A navy blue T-shirt: Paired with blue jeans it is a knock out combination. Even with trousers or chinos.
  • A white cotton T-shirt: A premium cotton T-shirt can be worn under a blazer or a cardigan to give you a well-dressed appearance at an informal event.

Jersey/ knitted:

  • Grey jersey sweatshirt: is an essential informal item that can go for work-out sessions or even as a casual item over denim or chinos. And you still look cooler whichever the combination.
  • The Cardigan: this can be used as a fashion statement or practical wear on a cold, raining or harmattan day. It is good knitwear to have in your wardrobe.


  • A pair of blue slim-fit jeans: the ever-popular item is not going away in a hurry. Every male wardrobe needs a solid pair of blue jeans. The fits almost any occasion informal or casual. You might even get away with it at certain formal events in some industry when worn with the ideal top.
  • A pair of black jeans: A good clothing item but must be well taken care of if its shine is to be retained for a long time. But a necessary item. Ok. You can substitute it with a grey one. It is a good combination with a shirt and a cardigan or a blazer.


  • Slim fit Blue chinos: a good alternative to your jeans or trousers that can be worn with a T-shirt, shirts, or blazer.
  • A pair of brown chinos: classic. Remember President Bill Clinton. It goes with a colourful shirt and a navy blazer. A winner any day. Rock it with a casual top along with a pair of brown leather sandals and you cool.


  • A pair of navy blue trousers: A pair of navy blue trousers is a good work clothing item and can be worn with a shirt and tie and you are good to go.


  • A navy blue blazer: the ever-present classic. Rock with brown chinos or khaki and you are the guy. A classic symbol of male coolness with its age-long naval connection it is simply top-notch.
  • A Grey single-breasted suit: a good formal and work clothing item. It is an essential formal clothing item that has with-stand the test of time. But the best come along combination is a white or sky blue shirt with a dark blue or a slim black tie.


  • A white kaftan: this is the chic male look in Africa. It has become an acceptable clothing item either in a formal or informal setting. Keep it simple and you can rock your meeting (depending on high you are on the corporate ladder) or that weeding.
  • A babariga: the 1,500 is the ultimate male traditional outfit. Whether you are from North or South, it is a cool outfit for that traditional look. Just keep the embroidery simple. Prefarably in white or sky blue  


  • A pair of brown leather brogue: A brown brogue shoe, in good leather and kept shinning can be worn with almost any other clothing combination: casual or informal.
  • A pair of black lace-ups: if you need a pair of lace-ups let it be black. It is a cross-over between the casual and formal look.
  • A pair of good Loafers: in black or brown, this is a saviour for a confused event: casual or formal. Need to dress-up or dress-down, this footwear can be worn with or without socks.
  • A pair of stylish running trainers: though a fitness item, it can be worn for a casual look. It is becoming a cross-over footwear and is accepted as such.
  • The cool sandal: a ‘Nigerian thing’ but it is acceptable all over the globe. Either as a slip-on or with a strap it must be in good leather. You can get on with it as a casual Western look or as a traditional African look.   
  • Puffy Slippers: this must be a water-resistant material. Good for the indoor 

Under/ house wears:

  • A good selection of underwear and socks: these are made up of your pants, boxers, singlets, undershirts (t-shirts), and socks. In buying this it is a must that your singlets should be white while your socks are bought with the colours of your trousers in mind. Your socks must match the colour of your trousers. It is chic. Your boxers must be in comfortable materials. Don’t compromise. The powerhouse must be protected.
  • A set of quality nightshirts: you must have at least a comfortable, soft nightshirt. Longer than your normal shirt it is more in the making of a jalamia and should be worn to bed every night, even when you are expecting action. It can be colourful and not necessary in white.

Personal Jewelry

  • Bracelets: This can be leather, silver or gold if you are into jewellery.
  • Band: a must for a married man. Flaunt your status.
  • Cuff links: either gold, silver or clothe-weave, they are a must for your turn-up shirts. Without them …..
  • A classic pair of sunglasses: looks like a matinee idol with a pair of sexy sunglasses Apart from being a protection for your eyes from sunray, it is also a fashion item.

Other leather items:

  • The quality leather belts: in black and brown to match your footwear. Apart from being hold for your trousers or jeans, they are also fashion statements. Attention should be placed on the leather and buckle.
  • The Haul-All Tote/ backpack: not only for students but this carryall is also for your laptop, folder and notebooks. Preferably in black, it is a good item for a professional/ businessman.
  • A leather cardholder: Every man needs a good cardholder, provided you are not a careless person. This will contain some of your essential, even for the cashless economy:  your ATM cards, ID cards and other basics.
  • A weekend bag: this should be roomy for your travels. Permanently it should have a pair of cufflinks, toiletries, shaving kit, a belt, a boxer, singlet, undershirt (tee-shirt) and other un-forgettable for your travels. After a trip, replace them immediately with clean ones and put the bag in your wardrobe.
  • A large durable suitcase: You need at least a dependable leather suitcase that will be for the long travel. It can be of any make, but it must be sturdy and durable.

Beauty routine products:

  • A good skincare product. Get the right one for your skin type. Watch out for the bleaching ones.
  • Aftershave, anti- perspirant, and perfume: you need to smell good. At all time get good products and if they work for you stick to that brand.

Head/ face wears:

  • A face cap: though a fashion item it can be used as protection from the sun or simply to hide a bad haircut or too bushy hair.
  • The Hausa cap: to complete the classic traditional look
  • The Aso oke cap: this is also to complete the traditional look.
  • A protective face mask: A must at this period. The pandemic is unrelenting. Protect yourself. However, you can make this into a fashion statement with the fabric you use. But note a plastic face shield is not a protective face mask.

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