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4 Nigerians whose misfortunes were reversed by the power of social media

Written by Akinmade

In recent times, social media has been castigated as a disruptive tool but some Nigerians have been helped by this tool in the recent times

Kolade Elusanmi

Social media as a powerful communication tool has helped to make many issues and personalities the talking points across the country and beyond. Hence, many people who know this power have helped to popularize issues and personalities.

Even though many believe that this influence and power have been employed for negative and mischievous uses, some have been lucky to have social media used for drawing attention to their misfortunes and problems. And Nigerians and others alike have risen to the occasion to help them look for solutions and take them out of their misery and position of needs. Nigerians, with their excess love for turning sad stories into joy, have helped these people by making good luck shined on them.

These Nigerians, who found grace and favour following their vital story on the Internet, are grateful to the influence and power of social media. Even though some of them are found to have falsified their stories just to get attention and pity from the public.

Here, we will be showcasing five (5) Nigerians who have social media to show gratitude for changing their sad stories to joyful ones.

1. Success Adegor: she broke into our consciousness in 2019 as a 7-year-old schoolgirl, who complained bitterly for been beaten and sent home for not paying her school fees.

The video, with her in school uniform went viral and helped draw her situation to millions of people around the world.

And goodwill and benevolence, including scholarships, came pouring in for her and her family.

Success Adegor

She was made an Education Ambassador, brand ambassador for a clothing line and a movie deal among many good things that happened to her.

Famous little Success seems to be soaring higher since she was first discovered by Nigerians as a young girl child who is passionate about education.

Her future now is secure as many have pledged to support her education financially to the tertiary level.

2  Blue-eyed Risikat and her children: in Africa, blue eyes are a rare phenomenon and largely considered abnormal with mysterious connotation attached to such. So Risikat Ayegbami’s pair of blue eyes is considered as such and might even be a major attraction why her husband, Abdulwasiu Dada proposed to her.

Risikat, children and husband

But when Risikat gave birth to two daughters in quick succession, with the same beautiful pairs of eyes, the love story turned sour as Dada started withdrawing his family and Risikat had to take her children back to her parents’ home.

When the story about the plight of the lady and her daughters, based in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, went viral it drew lots of pity for them. The photos accompanying the story warmed the hearts of people and consequently, garner supports from Nigerians.

Mrs Olufolake AbdulRasaq, the first lady of Kwara state was at the forefront of the efforts to bring succour to the family.  She succeeded in re-uniting the family with the father.

Mrs Toyin Saraki, former Kwara State first lady, through her The Wellbeing Foundation Africa’s Alaafia Kwara Empowerment Initiative, also reached out to Risikat with an empowerment grant of N250,00 to enable her children’s immediate return to education, and ease her burden of care as she considers her options.

 3.  ASP Sunday Erhator: The Lagos-based police officer was assaulted and inflicted with bodily injuries by a traffic offender, Mr Victor Ebhomenyen, in the Oniru area of Lagos State. But he was so calm in the face of provocation by the erring motorist. The video of the encounter went viral.

In viral videos, Ebhomenyen and an accomplice, Etinosa Obaywana, who is now at large, were seen assaulting Erhabor after the policeman and his colleagues attached to the Rapid Response Squad of the state command stopped a white Hyundai SUV, MUS 251 EH facing their convoy on one-way.

Erhabor, who was armed with his official Ak- 47 riffle, displayed a high level of professionalism amidst the provocations.

The professional conduct and restrain of the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) was commended by everyone. And many resolved to raise money for him to compensate and motivate him.

The donation, started by a Facebook user, Ugo Egbujo, was embraced by many with an appreciable amount raised.

Governor Sanwo-Olu receiving ASP Erhator in his office

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, also commended Erhabor for his high level of professionalism, while receiving the police officer at the Lagos House, Ikeja

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Hakeem Odumosu said ASP Erhator was a classic example of the modern policing being championed by the Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba.

4.  Mary Daniel (Ojunuwa Mary Onu), the ‘amputee hawker’: Mary’s case was a bitter-sweet affair. Her photo showing her hawking pure and bottled water in Lagos traffic made waves across social media and got her pity among the public.

Immediately offers of help and donations toward rehabilitating her started pouring in while the Lagos State Government, through the Office of Civic Engagement, also took her in and catered for her welfare.

But alas, her story was found to be falsified to evoke sympathy from the public.

The 27-year-old lady had claimed that her leg was amputated after a ghastly car accident that claimed the lives of her parents when she was young while alleging that her condition forced her to drop out of school and was forced into a marriage that produced a baby. She said she was fending for her baby and aged grandmother.

But her family came out to debunk the story stating that Mary’s claim that she has no family to cater for her was a lie and she was staying with her grandmother in the village in Benue State when she suddenly fled home.

The family also countered Mary’s claim that she was married off at a young age stating that the family only got to know she was pregnant when she gave birth in  Asaba, Delta State.

Mary Daniel hawking her ware in Oshodi, Lagos

Family representatives claimed that she had earlier pulled a similar begging stunt when she was pregnant in Delta State where she raised more than N1.5 million. She claimed her boyfriend stole N500,000 out of the amount raised.

A female family representative stated that her parents did not die in an accident that led to her amputation.

She said Mary, who was four-year-old at the time of her accident was playing near the road when she was hit by a tire from a speeding vehicle after a burst. She was treated at a local orthopaedic centre. But was transferred to the Federal Medical Centre after complications, where her right leg was amputated.

When the bubble burst the Lagos State government stepped in to protect Mary as she was been threatened by her fellow conspirators and targeted by fraudsters. A total sum of N25 million was raised which was collected using her bank account.

Finally, the Office of Civic Engagement handed over Mary to a Committee comprising of the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and the Leader of Igala community in Lagos State, Mr Sanni Yakubu Ejima in the presence of the Divisional Police Officer, Alausa and representative of the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command.

The Committee will oversee Miss Daniel’s rehabilitation and ensure that the donated funds are judiciously utilized for the improvement of her standard of living and that of her baby.

Government officials said the amputee remains unmolested and safe to do whatever she intends to do with the money.

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