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25 sexiest Nigerian celebrities under 50

Written by Solomon Unoke

Nigeria is largely known globally for its concentration of stylish and flamboyant people with interesting lifestyles. While many of its folks are regarded as beautifully made, some faces are attached with sexiness.

Solomon Unoke

Fame and fortune is usually the ambition of a large population of any country, but while this remains elusive to the majority, the few who reach this echelon are instantly judged or classified based on several qualities; class, intelligence, wealth, and most commonly, looks or sexiness.

So today, we shall examine the 25 sexiest Nigerian celebrities under the age of 50 years, in no particular order.

  • Tiwa Savage: The 41-year-old singer has shed so many skins to remain elegant and beautiful both in her career and her appearance, maintaining the same figure since she started her music career, even after giving birth to a child. She is topping the musical charts with her hits and winning awards while her ever stunning figure is also turning men’s heads. With her amazing body. Tiwatope Savage is a gem and will remain sexy at 50.
Tiwa Savage
  • WizKid: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (Wizkid) is presently one of the biggest names in Nigerian music steady topping charts since he entered the music scene in 2009, and never letting down. His song, ‘Essence’, which featured upcoming singer, Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems, made a historic entry into the United States Billboard Hot 100 peaking at the #82 spot in the chart this week. This makes Wizkid the first Nigerian to have his song on the chat. The Lagos boy strikes admirers with a sexy body that look like that of Brad Pitt in Fight Club 1999. He has that petite physic that certain women adore and certainly carries himself with the class and charisma of a sex icon.  
  • Genevieve Nnaji: The 42-year-old ageless beauty is certainly every guy’s crush. She has been in the hearts and dreams, sometimes wet dreams of many men, since she started her acting career in the mid-2000s. Her eyes are a dream you don’t want to wake up from, and her skin, a perfect replica of chocolate you can taste in your mind, her figure fits perfectly into the arms of every man who dreams of her. Genevieve is not letting go, even at her age, and she’ will be holding on for a very long time.
Genevieve Nnaji
  • Tubaba: Innocent Idibia (Tuface), emerged into the limelight in the late ’90s as the pretty boy with cornrows. Now bald, the accomplished musician and living legend is the dude that gives out those zany vibes they want. Tuface is not the ripped body with square jaw kind of sexy, he has the cute, charming and classy type that matured women seek. Tuface has retained his grip on stardom in a country that has constantly churned out stars, he was sexy in the ’90s and still sexy today.

  • Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington: Popular Nollywood actress Adesuwa won the award for the best actress in a drama in 2016 for her role in the movie, “Knocking on heaven’s door”. But for Adesuwa, it is not just her mind and talents that are beautiful, but her face and body are. Her height and natural endowments are the kinds of stuff of supermodels, while married to a top musician and producer, and being a mom, Adesuwa hasn’t let go. She is still holding her spot as one of the sexiest women in Nigeria.
Adesuwa Etomi Wellington
  • Flavour:  Chinedu Okoli, better known by his stage name “Flavour” has spent most of his musical career establishing himself as a sex icon through his songs and flamboyant display of his tightly ripped body. Flavour is admired by his fans, who know him well for his sensual waist whining dances and gyrations during performances. Flavour’s songs are mostly directed towards women and are written around sex or the female figure.
  • Toolz: Tolu Oniru, popularly known as Toolz, caught the eyes and minds of men over a decade ago as a host on Beat 99.9 mid-day show. Toolz had the voice you want to listen to while you drive home through the traffic at night, but her fans took it a step further to peep the pictures of the radio star on the internet to find her body was as exciting as her voice. Toolz is one of the curviest Nigerian celebrities, with a cute face that’ll enchant you anytime.
  • Mr P: Peter Okoye is one of the popular musical twin duo PSQUARE, and probably the better dancer of the duo. Peter Okoye wears perfect physic and abs. His dance moves have ladies going wild for him, and his music always sets the mood.
Mr P
  • Muna: Munachi Abii (Muna) graced the musical stage with a swagger that very few women could match; her fierceness was glaringly obvious in her lyrics and style. Some people will say that “sexy” is more about the attitude of a person than it is about their body or face, but if both qualities were combined qualification, then Muna will take lead ahead of most female celebs. She has the body of a supermodel and the face of a movie star, combined with her style and class, no wonder she is a former beauty queen. And she still belongs to an elite class of sexy women.
  • Anthony Joshua: Nigerian-British boxer, standing a whooping 6foot ‘ 6inches, and weighing 106kg, is a two-time world heavyweight champion and a pretty boy ladies heartthrob, constantly stealing the hearts of young women across the globe and earning the admiration of boxing fans at the same time. Anthony Joshua is a combination of talent, great physic and a pretty face. But most importantly, he is a champion and a national treasure in both Nigeria and England.
Anthony Joshua
  • Seyi Shay: Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, better known by her stage name (Seyi Shay) is a multi- talented woman, a musician, songwriter, and producer. She is a beauty queen with a body that won’t quit. She has stayed in the hearts and dreams of many men in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, Seyi Shey has earned her place amongst the most wanted Nigerian Divas.
Seyi Shay

  • Ebuka Obi Uchendu: The classy pretty boy lawyer and media personality, known best for hosting the reality show “Big Brother Naija” is an eye candy who deserved his spot on the list of sexiest Nigerian men. Ebuka, as he is called, is known for his fashion overdrive, his classy look, height and handsomeness. Ebuka is a chick magnet
Ebuka Uchendu
  • Tonto Dike: Tonto Dike’s name has lingered in the lips of men since her early days in the movie Industry. The babe who once tried out music, but didn’t do so well, has been an actor for the better parts of the last 15 years and has held men charmed by her gorgeous body, pretty face and daring personality. She has stood the test of times and has remained an eye candy all through, agelessly and gracefully enchanting men with her body and those hot legs.
Tontpo Dike
  • Rukky Sanda: The actress, film producer and director, is a combination of brains and outstanding beauty. Nollywood movie fans constantly rave over her beauty, clear skin and hot figure. A beauty, Rukky is rumoured to have dated several handsome men, including the American pop star Akon. But this, she denied. Rukky is the object of many men’s desire and continues to make strides.
Rukky Sanda
  • Timini Egbuson: Making his debut in the movie stages with movies like SGIT and Elevator baby, Timini instantly became the crushes and the heartthrob of many Nigerian women all over the country. The tall dark and handsome 34-year-old actor is here to stay. Even though relatively new to the scene, he is already making his mark and seducing women without even trying.
Timini Egbuson
  • Tacha: Anita Natacha Akinde saw her rise to fame during the Big Brother Naija reality show in 2019 as she became the very first BBN mate to be verified on Instagram and her fame clouded those of her competitors in the house. The drama stirred by her presence in the house only matches her beauty and stature, she gathered both lovers and haters alike during her time in the house. Right now, she is known for her beauty and style on Instagram, as much as she is known for her business initiatives.
Tacha Akinde
  • Somto Akanegbu: Somto is a man that exerts a rare influence on women, the height, stature and looks of this man stands out amongst his peers, a pure sight that leaves women drooling. He is an actor and OUD brand ambassador, but for this article, he is an eye candy who certainly deserves a spot on the list of sexiest Nigerians under 50.
Sonto Akanegbu
  • Cynthia Morgan: If sexy was an attitude, then Cynthia Morgan makes sure you know how sexy she is, with her sexually explicit music video and vibrant swagger. The Edo-born musician and a former VJ has made a name for herself on the Nigerian stage as a musician with her somewhat vulgar style and lyric, which has distinguished her from most other female musicians. Cynthia Morgan is beautiful, stylish and blessed with a nice figure.
Cynthia Morgan

  • Mike Edwards: The former inmate of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, during the show last year displayed sexiness and attitude side by side as qualities of sassy people.  Known by some as the perfect gentleman, he is also known for his one-woman policy. But there are more to this pretty hunk boy: he is the CEO of a cigar company in England and an Olympic gold medalist, and he is attractive.
Mike Edwads
  • Moyo Lawal: This sultry actress has a body many would kill for. Even though there are some rumours of body enhancement surgeries. This Lagos lady is hot. And she never fails to show off this great body on social media, … all the time. Her body is one of the sexiest by any Nigerian, body enhancement or not.
Moyo Lawal
  • Destiny Etiko: This Enugu-state born has been touted as the best figure in Nollywood. Destiny, who won the Most Promising Actress of the Year Award (English) at the 2016 City People Entertainment Awards once stated in an interview that she had been a victim of sexual harassment by male movie producers.
Destiny Etiko
  • Yemi Alade: The ‘Johhny’ crooner exudes sexiness especially when she is performing. Her music videos are a delight for many men, who sometimes ogle her on the screen of their TV sets. Even her performance in that advert for the GSM company depicts her sexiness.
Yemi Alade
  • Bolanle Ninalowo: Since returning to Nigeria from the United States, and quitting his banking job to go into Nollywood,  Bolanle Ninalowo has brought the hearts of many ladies to a fast beat. The Revelation of the Year at the Best of Nollywood Award, 2010 also broke many ladies hearts when he reconciled with Bunmi, his spouse with whom he was separated from. He is a cool hunk and sexy, with his wide shoulders, biceps and height. And he loves showing them in films.
Bolanle Ninalowo
  • Ik Ogbonna: This pretty baby-faced actor is loved by many ladies. Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna, actor, model and director is always dapper on red carpets. A brand ambassador of a man shaving product, IK is seen as a sex symbol by many. .
Ik Ogbonna

And Ramsey Noah: Although this says “Sexiest under 50”, Ramsey will get an exception for only being 50 this year, but more importantly for holding it down for so many years. One can only imagine the number of female crushes or lovers he has amassed over the years. Ramsey Noah’s fame took hold in the early 2000s when he starred in many Nollywood movies, including romance movies that also featured Genevieve Nnaji. He is a great actor with a great personality and charm that only matches his handsomeness. Despite being a 50-year-old man, Ramsey holds a solid spot as a sexy man in Nigeria.

Ramsy Noah

The list of sexy under fifty celebrities in Nigeria exceeds the 25 people listed here, and since the definition of sexy differs based on who is judging, there are people you might think are left out, please make your opinion known in the comments, and if you disagree with some of the people on this list, feel free to air your opinion either ways. Thanks. Please check out our other stories.

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