84-year-old father of seven kills 75-year-old wife for refusing sex

The Edo State Police Command has arrested an 84-year-old man, Gabriel Uhuwa, for allegedly killing his 75-year-old wife for refusing to him sex.

Chidi Nwabuzor, the Command Public Relations Officer, said Uhuwa, who has been having issues with his wife over intimacy was not remorseful and he felt what he has done was the best solution to his problem.

Speaking to the media, Uhuwa said his wife has consistently denied him sex and has refused to stop doing so despite his reporting her to the children and relatives.

“My wife was not listening to me. Any time I asked her to come and sleep with me, she always declined. We have seven children together, five boys and two girls,” he said.

The octogenarian said he reported the matter to relatives and his children and that one of her daughters came to talk to his wife but she didn’t listen.

“I reported the matter to my family and her family members but she failed to listen to them and continued her old ways and I was hearing information that pastors were sleeping with her.

“Each time I demanded sex, either she would tell me she was sick or she had an ulcer, yet I was hearing a rumour that she was sleeping with other men and I don’t have money to carry prostitutes,” Uhuwa said.

He alleged that his children have refused to send him money as well as taking his calls as his late wife poisoned their minds against him because of his complaints.

“So, on Saturday last week in the afternoon in the house, I picked up a cutlass and macheted her. I did it in anger because she was not obeying me and I want people to 1know of it,” he said.

However, he said he regretted killing his wife after committing the crime.

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