Stella Damasus opens up on her crashed marriages

Star actress Stella Damasus had opened up on her crashed last two marriages in a recent podchat with popular media personality, Teju Babyface.

In the interview, she said her second marriage was between two great friends that were pressured into a marriage that only lasted for only eight months.

Damasus said she was a choir member at the time and her ex-husband, Emeka Nzeribe were not meant to be married even though they were “fantastic friends” when she got married for the second time in 2007 to him.

She said they were pressured into getting married by their church, even though they were not meant to be together. She described the marriage as a “mistake” and said that they “messed it up.”

“It lasted eight months. Biggest mistake of my life because the guy was an amazing guy. But he was my friend, my best friend. And religion is what caused that problem that made us marry when we were not supposed to be married. We were supposed to be very good friends because as my friend, he was awesome. But as a married couple, we didn’t work. We just messed it up. And we knew it,” she said.

The 45-year-old actress said that she was pressured into the marriage by her church, which told her that it was “God’s will” for them to be together, but she now believes that she was “wrong” to give in to the pressure.

She said she and Nzeribe parted ways amicably and still have a good relationship.

“So when we went our separate ways, we were like out of love and respect for each other, let’s just leave it. We don’t talk about it, we just leave it so that at least we can still say, hello, are you okay? How are you?” she said.

Speaking on her third marriage to film producer, Daniel Ademinokan, she said she got to learn her marriage had ended on line.

“The man in question traveled; he was supposed to be away for a while and then come back.

“My phone was buzzing with notifications, and I started receiving phone calls from my friends who called to check on me after reports circulating claimed that my marriage had ended. Then I decided to check on YouTube. And even after that, I still didn’t know that something like that had happened until I got the final call that the marriage had ended,” she said.

She said that she put a call through to Ademinokan, who disclosed that he wouldn’t be returning from his trip.

She married Ademinokan in 2011, after two shots at marriage, amidst some controversies.

Ademinokan, in a recent video, was reported to have newly wedded another lady, identified as Tope, in Houston, Texas, USA.

Damasus’ first marriage was to Jaiye Adoderin in 1999 at 22. The marriage unfortunately lasted for four years when  Aboderin slumped and reportedly died of a heart attack in 2003 after a basketball game with his friends. The marriage produced two daughters.

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