Suspect in Gilgo Beach, New York serial murders cold case arrested

Rex Heuermann, of Massapequa, Long Island, has been identified by policemen as the suspect arrested in connection with the unsolved serial killings of women found along a New York beach highway ten years ago.

CBS News reported that Heuermann was taken into custody by Suffolk County Police and state police at his home late Thursday night and was arraigned Friday in Suffolk County court in Riverhead.

There were no immediate details about how Heuermann was identified or what evidence may link him to the case.

The case became sensational more than a decade ago when at least 10 women’s bodies were found on Long Island’s Gilgo Beach. This has generated much interest, including the 2020 Netflix film “Lost Girls.”

The suspect, Heuermann, is an architect with the New York City firm RH Consultants and Associates and lives in Massapequa Park.

Neighbours in the area told CBS New York that they were stunned by the arrest.

“We’ve been here for about 30 years, and the guy’s been quiet, never really bothers anybody,” next-door neighbour Etienne DeVilliers said.

“We were kind of shocked, to tell you the truth,” said DeVilliers, who added that Heuermann is married, with two children.

“As I said, we’re shocked. Because this is a very, very quiet neighbourhood. Everybody knows each other, all of our neighbours, we’re all friendly. It’s never been a problem at all,” DeVilliers said.

Barry Auslander, another neighbour, told the AP the man who lived in the house commuted by train to New York City each morning, wearing a suit and tie.

“It was weird. He looked like a businessman,” said Auslander. “But his house is a dump.”

CBS News reported that in a 2022 interview with Bonjour Realty, Heuermann was asked hypothetically what tool he would be to help elevate his business. He replied that he would be a hammer.

“I have one tool that’s pretty much used in almost every job. It’s a cabinet maker’s hammer,” he said. “It is persuasive enough when I need to persuade something and it always yields excellent results.”




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