Jamie Foxx spotted in speed boat in first public appearance after health scare

Popular American actor, Jamie Foxx, has been spotted driving a past in a speed boat in Chicago on Sunday, months after a medical emergency in April which kept him hospitalised for weeks, has kept him away from public glare.

In viral videos, Foxx was seen waving at fans who cheered as he drove past in a speed boat.

Foxx was rushed to the hospital during the shooting of the next movie “Back in Action” in April.

During his illness, his family and friends refused to reveal the details of his condition a secret as they sought prayers from well-wishers. This led to lots of rumours about his condition including being paralyzed and he got sick as a result of taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

This forced his daughter, Corrinne to come out to debunk the rumours, saying her father had returned home from the hospital weeks after hospitalisation and was in good health.

Corrine also revealed that the 55-year-old actor would be resuming work soon with the launch of the family’s new game show, “We Are Family”.

However, Foxx himself is yet to officially address the health issue himself.



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