Global condemnation for American women “Twerking for the Ancestors” at historic Ghanaian former slave dungeon

The world has stood out to condemn the twerking act of a group of four American women at Cape Coast Castle, a former slave dungeon in Cape Coast, Ghana.
KhaParisDior, one of the four ladies on this trip, on June 19, shared clips, of the women, in which they were seen “twerking for the Ancestors” while visiting the castle, which was used by slave traders to hold African slaves in captivity before they were shipped to the United States of America and the ‘new world.’
The four women performed the twerk acts on the monumental space during Juneteenth, a federal holiday in the United States, which celebrates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. KhaParisDior, whose bio now also reads #Fortheancestors, shared multiple clips saying how shocked she is to discover “how they did our ancestors.”
”So today I got to experience The Slave Castle in Cape Coast! It’s wildddddd seeing how they did our ancestors! Treated them worst than animals!! It’s sad but of course, we had to twerk for our ancestors cause PERIOD!!!!!! Happy Juneteenth from the motherland ?? I think everybody should go at least once in a lifetime,” she wrote.
But netizens have all risen in unison to condemn the acts. Some of the comments on the video clips include:
Joelblack, wrote: “Black Americans aren’t ready yet to embrace respectfully The African diaspora, The Orishas, The Yoruba religion, and our ancestors. but, Black Brazilians, Black Cubans, Trinbagonians, and The Oyotunji African Village in the Lowcountry of South Carolina are.”
Unknown Chief also commented: ”Ghana needs to ban these ladies we need to be more strict about respect, we treat Black women and people in general who are out of pocket with no consequences.”
Don Salmon’s tweet: “Going to a castle, slave dungeon in Africa, And shaking your booty is disrespectful, black American sisters are disrespectful to the millions of our ancestors who were shipped into slavery, and it should be condemned.”
EEdgar Jamison said: “I wonder if they know the names of any African Gods.”
Sab Johnson wrote: Im so disheartened that these adult women (clearly learned nothing in school — or even went to school) feel this is a place to be jovial (oops big word).”
Olujimi wrote: This has to be one of the most sickening displays of disrespect that I’ve ever witnessed.”
Muhammed Speaks tweeted; Cape Coast is a solemn place. I don’t understand how they could have smiled let alone tweaked there.”
Beverns wrote: “Your parents failed you. Don’t ever return to Mother Africa until all of you correct yourselves. You are the reason African Americans will never receive reparations for our ancestors blood because you have no clue how to honour your people….”
Live & Le Live: “That is the Attitude when one deliberately refused to understand the circumstances surrounding her Root.”
However, KhaParisDior, who acknowledged the trolling in an Instagram story, was defiant as she wrote that she will do it again.

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