Don Jazzy unveils Jonny Drille’s secret bride


Superstar music producer and Mavin Global Chief Don Jazzy unveiled the one-year secret marriage of John Ighodaro, popularly known as Johnny Drille, the artiste on his stable, to his wife Rima Tahini.

In wishing Rima a birthday, Don Jazzy in a post on Instagram earlier Tuesday, used it to reveal that the talented R&B singer has been married for a year to his wife, Rima, who is the director of A&R at Mavin Global, the same record label Johnny Drille is signed under. He shared a photo of the couple on their wedding day.

Don Jazzy, also showered praises on Drille for his great talent in crafting soulful and beautiful love songs that have captivated audiences worldwide and said it is only appropriate that he ended up with an amazing woman for the rest of his days.

“With all the amazing love songs that @johnnydrille has written, it’s only right that he bags one of the most amazing women I have met to share #Thebestpart of his life,” Don Jazzy said.

On his part, Drille had officially acknowledged his secret marriage in his latest music video for the song “The Best Part.” In a post, he expressed his love and gratitude to his wife with a clip from the music video, which features Rima Tahini as the female lead. Also included were pictures from their previously concealed wedding ceremony.

“You complete me @rimouuune, thank you for loving me,” leaving no doubt about the deep bond they share,” Drille stated.

The revelation of Drille’s marriage surprised many fans and followers, who had hitherto been linking him romantically with Tomi Ojo, an actress. The actress had acted a romantic part in one of Drlle’s earlier music videos.

Ojo, in a post on her Twitter account, showed surprise at the news and wish the couple happy married life.

“Happy married life @Johnnydille. Jesus loves you and your wife,” she wrote.

On her part, Rima had earlier commemorated the couple’s first anniversary by posting a video from their wedding on Instagram.

However, she did not disclose her spouse’s identity at the time, keeping their relationship private.

“The Best Part,” fans have been granted an intimate glimpse into the couple’s love story with its music video. The emotional track serves as a tribute to their journey together, and fans have embraced it with open arms.

The song showcases Drille’s heartfelt lyrics as he sings, “It’s been one hell of a ride doing life with you. Thankful for you and I, we found a way right through.”

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