Soothsayer predicts Shakira’s pregnancy

Mhoni Vidente, the Cuban psychic has predicted that singer, Skakira could become pregnant with her third child this year.

“Someone who is going to be a mother this year is Shakira. The daddy is a sportsman or someone who is getting together with her”. Vidente stated that Shakira is looking to have a baby girl.

The prediction has set social media buzz with some speculating that the father might be Lewis Hamilton, the F1 race driver. Some also pointed to the possibility of Tom Brady, a former professional American football player, as another possible candidate.

Vidente has also predicted that the future could be a bit rough for Shakira with the possibility of lawsuits on the horizon.

“She will be sued,” she said ‘El Heraldo Television’. Vidente explained that the problem might be in connection with Shakira exposing her children to the public eye.

“There are legal issues coming, the worst ever. Pique, the father of her children, and their circle will sue Shakira to take the children away from her because they say she wants to start a tour and she is not enough of a mother to them. How sad for Shakira,” Vidente said.

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