Erectile dysfunction pills are now in mint flavours

Hims & Hers has announced the availability of mint-flavoured chewable pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The company announced that Hims Hard Mints can be taken as a chewable mint an hour before needed and contain the same active drugs as the little blue pill, as well as Cialis. The mints can be bought online after a consultation with a healthcare provider.

The pills contain sildenafil and tadalafil, the active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis respectively.

They work by suppressing an enzyme called PDE5, which allows blood to flow more freely through the body, including to the penis.

A Hims spokesperson said: “More blood flow to the penis means harder, more satisfying erections once you’re sexually stimulated.”

The exact dose of each drug customers are given in each pill is determined by a healthcare provider after a consultation, and is personalised to their needs.

Dr Patrick Carroll, Hims & Hers chief medical officer, who announced that the drugs would be available across Britain this month, said they can help men feel “empowered”.

“We are excited to expand access to Hard Mints by Hims across the United Kingdom.

“We are continuously striving to develop innovative solutions that make it easy for people to prioritise their health.

“With this expansion, we hope to provide an easier way for men to incorporate wellness into their lives,” Caroll said.

Around 16.5 million men in Britain are affected by erectile dysfunction, with around half of those aged 40 to 70 blighted by it. The NHS last year spent £ 18.3 million on prescriptions for meds to treat it.

The NHS warns against taking sildenafil if there is an allergic reaction to it, or the patient is taking other drugs for conditions like chest pains, or is suffering a heart or liver problem.

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