White woman who shot Nigerian neighbour dead out on bail

A white, Susan Louise Lorincz, accused of fatally shooting her Nigerian neighbour, Ajike ‘AJ’ Owens, over a two-year feud is out on a $154,000 bond.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Hodges ordered Lorincz, 58, who pleaded not guilty to a first-degree felony charge of manslaughter with a firearm, as well as counts of culpable negligence, battery and assault, to wear an ankle monitor and to stay away from the family of her slain neighbour.

Lorincz is accused of shooting Owens, 34, in front of her 10-year-old son after the mother-of-four went to confront her over attacking her kids on Friday in Ocala, Florida.

She was arrested on Tuesday, days after the shooting after a flurry of protests and civil activities protesting the initial failure of the police to arrest and charge her of the crimes.   Authorities had delayed her arrest for several days while looking into a possible Florida’s’Stand Your Ground’ claim. Detectives have since said that Lorincz´s actions are not justifiable under Florida law. Under law, people are essentially permitted to use deadly force if they feel their lives are in danger.

But police later confirmed that through their investigation and eyewitness testimony, they were able to establish that ‘Lorincz’s actions were not justifiable under Florida law’, and subsequently made the arrest.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office stated that she said she had a headache the day of the shooting and children were running, and yelling outside her apartment.

That night, while a few children were playing basketball, Lorincz allegedly threw a pair of roller skates at them, hitting one on the feet.

Owens then came over and knocked on her door, with Lorincz telling investigators that Owens threatened to kill her and banged on the door so hard she feared Owens would break it down.

The Sheriff’s report stated that Lorincz fired a single round from her .380-caliber handgun, which went through the closed door and fatally struck Owens.

Lorincz told investigators that she had called Owens’ children racist slurs in the months before the killing. She also claimed that Owens had come after her in the past and had previously attacked her.

Police said that since January 2021, deputies responded to at least a half-dozen calls in connection with what police described as the feud between Owens and Lorincz.

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