Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children at war with his lovechild son

American actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger’s four children from his marriage with Maria Shriver are at loggerheads with Joe Baena, his love child.

Schwarzenegger has two sons, Patrick, 29, and Christopher, 25 and two daughters, Katherine, 33, and Christina, 31 were from his former wife, Shriver. Baena, 25, was from the affair he had with Mildred Baena, who was the family’s housekeeper, while still married to Shriver.

The rift among the actor’s five children was glaring during the premiere of his new Netflix show, “FUBAR. During the ceremony, the superstar was with his daughters Christina and Katherine and Chris Pratt, Katherine’s husband, who is a “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor. But his lookalike lovechild, Baena was all alone on the red carpet.

From the event, it was glaring that Schwarzenegger’ older children are not on friendly terms with their step-sibling, even though the actor is extremely close to all his five children.

Baena, who stayed for the after party while his older siblings left, chatted about his dad on the carpet, saying: “It’s always cute seeing his vulnerable, little fatherly side. I love it.” He later posted a picture of himself on Instagram at the FUBAR premiere, all alone on the red carpet, praising his dad.

“I give FUBAR a 2 thumbs up!!!” he wrote.

“Had an amazing time last night at the FUBAR premier [sic]! In my unbiased opinion, FUBAR is a hilarious, action-packed show that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time!”

The picture attracted some comments, especially from people that noted the slight by his older siblings.

“It’s disgusting how you are treated, man, by your own blood. Completely ignored due to something out of your control. Is it racial hostility? Who knows. At the end of the day use this bulls–t to fuel you,” wrote one of his followers, who added that his siblings “totally ignore him … They were even at the same premiere and took a photo together but completely avoided Joe.”

Another follower said: “That’s a shame. Arnie seems [sic] to love them equally tho, if not Joe a little more because he’s walking in his footsteps.”

Baena, who looks like his dad is a keen bodybuilder just like Schwarzenegger and both are very close. The actor has always looked after his son’s interests, giving him a good education up to university while he bought Mildred a house. He also trains with him in the gym and takes him to events.

A source who knows the actor confirmed the rift among the five children.

“But, to be honest, the other kids don’t love Joe. It’s a shame as he’s a really good kid, and Arnold has always treated him like all his other kids — very fairly. But for whatever reason, the other kids take [the affair] out on Joe,” the source told a section of the American media.

“Arnold is really close to Joe. I’ve been at several events where he’s brought him along,” the source said.

The source said that Baena is snubbed by his half-siblings, adding, “It’s not fair, but I guess it’s understandable — he’s the product of something that should not have occurred.”

But another source praised the older children, saying, “The Schwarzenegger kids have consistently navigated the situation with respect and class.”

Schwarzenegger and Shriver separated in 2011 but became officially divorced in 2021. The actor’s five children seem to be doing well on their own. Katherine is a well-known children’s books author, TV personality and active in her grandmother’s foundation. Christina is a documentary producer and a founding member of the Special Olympics Founder’s Council, Patrick is a model and actor, while Christopher is into working out and graduated from the University of Michigan. Joe graduated from Pepperdine University and is an actor. He stars in the upcoming action film “Gunner” with Morgan Freeman and Luke Hemsworth and also had a stint on “Dancing with the Stars.”

However, some sources revealed that Joe and Patrick have a bit of a relationship with both spotted recently working out in Santa Monica together. However, Patrick does not follow Baena on Instagram.



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