Alarming: Egypt closes border on evacuated Africans from Sudan as ceasefire deadline elapses

The Egyptian Government is refusing passage for foreigners being evacuated from war-torn Sudan transiting through its borders to their respective countries. About 1,500 Nigerians are affected by this action.

The Egyptian authorities are insisting on the necessary visa protocols being observed by these displaced Africans.

The Nigerian Government on Friday appealed to the Egyptian and other authorities along the contiguous borders of Sudan to create a humane condition for about 7,000 Africans , including Nigerians, that are now stranded to have unfettered access to their various destinations.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCom said Nigerians were not being allowed to cross the border into Egypt since their arrival on Thursday evening at the Aswan border in Egypt.

Dabiri-Erewa in a post on Twitter, said the border was already closed when the Nigerians got there, adding that they would proceed to the airport in the morning.

Gabriel Odu, of the Publicity Unit of NiDCOM in a statement the Nigerian mission in Egypt has been working tirelessly to work round the visa protocols being insisted by the Egyptian authorities before fellow Africans can transit back to their countries. He said Dabiri-Erewa is appealing to the Egyptian for a humane treatment of the stranded passengers.

“She appeals to the Egyptian authorities to kindly allow the already traumatised travellers to transit to their final destinations in various countries in Africa.”

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