3-year old girl sold by mum for coke raped, killed by drug dealer

A 3-year-old girl has been raped and murdered by a drug dealer after her mother sold her to in exchange for drugs.

The mother, 42-year-old Aurelia Salinas was arrested by the police in Paraguay after the dead body of her daughter, Luz Maida was found by horrified neighbours inside an abandoned house in Pedro Juan Caballero, the capital city of Paraguay and police investigation uncovered what happened.

Investigation revealed that Salinas woke Luz up in the middle of the night and gave her to her drug dealer boyfriend after allegedly exchanging her for 30 pieces of crack cocaine, worth about $12.

The New York Post reported that CCTV camera captured how Luz tried to tear herself away from her captor in the dead of the night. Luz can be seen wearing a blue dress emblazoned with Disney’s “Frozen” characters, as the man trekked down a dirt road with her slung over his shoulder.

The report further revealed that the undisclosed drug dealer was seen slapping the poor little child to stop her fidgeting.

The girl’s corpse was found 24-hour later covered in a shirt and placed on top of a bed after the dealer, who has not been named, reportedly raped and murdered her.

Initial reports had suggested the 3-year-old was suffocated but Salinas’ boyfriend confessed that he murdered her after he was arrested.

Enraged neighbours attempted to lynch Salinas the day she was arrested after allegedly confessing her involvement in her daughter’s murder to the police. They later burned down the house where the girl’s corpse was found.

Salinas initially told police Luz had disappeared in her sleep, but after the law enforcement agents discovered the CCTV footage, she admitted to selling her for crack cocaine.

Aside from the arrest of Salinas and her murderer-boyfriend, another 17-year-old believed to be involved in the heinous incident has been detained.

The police allegedly said Salinas was under the influence of drugs and appeared unbothered about her daughter’s whereabouts while they searched for her. The mother of eight was also alleged to have allowed her 12-year-old daughter to be sexually abused by a 30-year-old man.

The police is investigating both cases.

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