Hurray! A male contraceptive pill is around the corner

Some American researchers are on to a revolution in fertility research. The researchers have just announced a great success recorded in the quest for a male birth control pill.

The success recorded in the research for the treatment of eye disease has led to a big hope for the production of a male contraceptive pill that will be 100 per cent effective.

The researchers, in a new study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications, stated that experiments on mice found that the drug immobilized sperm. The drug, when injected into male mice, temporarily paralyzes sperm.

The study revealed that the drug prevented pregnancy by 100 per cent for two and a half hours, and by about 91 per cent at three and a half hours.

However, full fertility returns 24 hours after administration of the drug.

The research findings have been hailed by many researchers.

“This is a real revolution in the field of male contraception,” said Jochen Buck, a researcher at Cornell University, USA.

Presently, the only two options available for men’s contraception are vasectomy and condoms. On the other hand, women have many options available.

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