BBTitans: Biggie forbids housemates from interacting with opposite sex

There was a surprise twist on the Big Brother Titans TV Reality Show last night as Biggie introduced a new rule forbidding the housemates from interacting with members of the opposite gender.

The new rule, followed an altercation  between Nelisa, Blue Aiva, after a task presentation.

Under the new rule, housemates of the opposing sex are not permitted to communicate or interact with one another. The housemates were also divided into two tribes along gender lines and the housemates will now sleep with the females in one room, and the males in another. No female housemate must cook for the male housemates again and vice versa. They are not allowed to use the kitchen at the same time. Also, they need to be kept apart when using the party room and arena.

The housemates can only communicate through their respective mediators, Yaya, for the males and Miracle for the females while the two mediators are limited to speaking to each other in squared-off zones for a predetermined amount of time each day.


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