Seun Kuti, P-Square square up on social media over 2023 presidential election

Musicians Seun Kuti and the P-Square duo are at each other throats on social media over their political beliefs, especially on who is the best presidential candidate in the 2023 General Elections.

In a series of posts on their social media handles both have tried to outdo each other on who is better musically while other family members were subtly dragged into the fray.

The face-off started with an interview Seun Kuti had with the online platform, Mic On podcast, hosted by Channels TV’s Seun Okinbaloye. In the interview, Seun said that only the people of Nigeria could save this country and described the Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi as an Internet sensation and an opportunist.

“He hasn’t had the time because he started too late. You can’t be telling me that just because you lost PDP primaries 18 months before the election, you suddenly started a movement, and you have a plan for the country.

“No, that’s opportunism. And it’s not an opportunist that will deliver Nigeria — not jumping on Labour Party. The Labour Party has a socialist structure. Peter Obi is a capitalist. Where are they going?” he said.

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But in a quick reaction, Peter Okoye, one half of the P-Square duo, who in the past few months had always been in defence of Obi as well as attacked his opponents, on his Twitter handle called Seun Kuti’s statement shameful and asked him to keep quiet as he is doing damages to his legendary father, Fela’s legacy.

“Dude, just keep quiet! So so disappointed! Dude just erased his father’s history! You said only the people of Nigeria can save Nigeria! Is PO and the rest candidates not the Nigerian people?…. SHAME! SHAME!! SHAME!!!” Peter Okoye said.

And that started the fireworks.

Kuti responded by berating Peter Okoye and his twin brother, Paul on their ‘sudden found love for democracy and the suffering masses and desire for a working system’ in the country.

He stated that the brothers have no right to tell the people who to vote as they had wined and dined with the ‘rich men and politicians that have continued to create hardship for the common man.’

But in a  swift reaction, Paul Okoye joined the fray in an 8-part series of Twitter posts, tagging Seun Kuti as ‘frustrated’ urging him to pray to his deity to take away the bitterness from his heart and change his life situation.

He said Seun would be an unknown entity if it were not for his iconic dad, noting the P-Square duo worked hard to imprint their names in the sands of time.

Peter on his part asked Seun Kuti to learn decorum from his nephew Made Kuti and leave other people ready to campaign for their preferred presidential candidate alone.

As the battle of the ‘musical titans’ continued, Peter Okoye dragged Made Kuti, Seun Kuti, into the ensuing saga as he referred to him in a tweet.

“I’ll surely keep you in my prayers. Learn from your nephew @Madekuti cos he is well guided and clean.”

And Seun promptly replied. He berated Paul Okoye for throwing shades at him online instead of engaging him in a political debate that would elevate their followers’ consciousness about politics. He specifically took exception to Paul using his late father and nephew in throwing shades at him.

He then criticized the entire Okoye family for fighting and ridiculing themselves online.

“Why not call me out for political debate? Let’s discuss political debate and elevate the consciousness of our followers. Instead, you begin throw shades online. Your family be like him family wey dem disgrace themselves online?

“Dey fight, dey throw….dey use my own father and my nephew. Why you no use your own nephew talk to me, abi your own brother.

“Are you not proud of yourselves? After una don disgrace una whole family online finish. Yab yab unaselves. Throw una selves anyhow because of money. Senior brother, twin brother, everybody insult una lives, throw everything. You’re now using my own family to talk to me. That Made is well-behaved. Why didn’t you too copy Made when you were disgracing yourselves, Mugu!

“After you have played for Buhari in 2015. You think they didn’t reach out to us too during that time? But we know how to say, ‘No’. Because no be everything we dey chop.

“And let me tell you people something. In this country, until we as a people learn how to sacrifice the things wey we dey ‘chop’. Na that thing wey we dey chop naim dey f*ck us up. Naim dey diminish us.”

Paul responded: “E be like I go start to dey smoke dis Igbo ohh” and accompanied the post with laughing emojis.

However, Made Kuti in response to his name being dragged into the fray was very polite.

“Good afternoon. Please do not use me as a tool to slight, insult or badmouth my Uncle. I’m not sure how we are perceived, so I should clarify we stay united as a family and we intend on keeping it that way. Thank you,” he said in a tweet.

Seun, continuing in his own attacks, described Peter Okoye as a talentless gimmick who doesn’t know what to do with his musical career.

“Not only are you talentless, you are a gimmick. Tried to go solo without your ‘packaging’ what happened to your career?

“Just like your candidate can’t decide his party? Today APGA TMR PMP NEXT TMR LP, you sef can’t decide if you want to be a twin duo or solo artiste.

“Where is your Grammy nomination bro? Dem no dey give that one to people Wey dey thief songs.”

And Peter Okoye rose to the taunt. In reply, he rubbished Seun’s musical caree wondering if he ever had a Grammy nomination and described Kuti as “living in the trenches.”

“Grammy nomination na yardstick to measure good music? Abeg which yeye song them use nominate you wey we know?

“Grammy nominee wey still dey live for trenches! I dey sure say na still your papa house you stay!.

“Stop deceiving yourself bro! Nobody rate you for this industry!”

And the fireworks continue.

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