Must-have wardrobe items for the fashion-conscious ladies

Women all over the world, including Nigerians, are generally fashion conscious. But this may pose some problems regarding which must-have items should be in the wardrobe

Kemi Omoniyi

Fashion is mostly ruled by trends. This poses a lot of challenges for people in their quest to stay fashionable and chic.

This is even more difficult for the ladies.

But whatever might be in trend or gone ‘with the winds’, there are some basic items every lady must-have in her wardrobe, to make her look fashionable and easily achieve the chic look whether at the office, in casual settings, on evening outings, cocktails or owambe parties or even at the beach or marketplace.

Remember that whatever the occasion or function, your clothing should reflect your style. But then, fashion should be chic and fun to project.

So as you build your wardrobe, be free to go with new trends and the basic old essential items for the chic lady.

These essentials should be the foundation of your wardrobe. These are pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories that make you look good at all times.

The Independent Observers presents to you basic must-have items in your wardrobe as a fashion-conscious lady:

  • Tops:
  • Tee shirts: Having a plain white tee shirt in your wardrobe is essential. This is a cool, sexy but versatile clothing item that comes in handy on most tiles; a classic striped Tee shirt can also be acquired to spice up the Tee experience. These two items are versatile fashion items that can go with almost any other item for almost occasions. They can go with your pair of jeans for a casual look or under your blazer for a formal occasion.
  • Button-up Shirt: a male cloth item, but it looks better on women too! It is a balance between the casual and polished looks, which can be worn with pant trousers, jeans or a pencil skirt. A white one is a must-have while other colours can be added on.
  • Blouses: For a woman, blouses are also a must-have. These can be in various colours and clothing materials and designs. Their designs/ sewing should be in variety: tubes, crop tops, shoulders and others. Can be worn with jeans, skirts or trousers for the office or casual outings.
  • Camisoles: though not a toast of the younger generation, a lady should try to show off once in a while in camisoles. This is a versatile casual fashion item for women that can be turned into a formal thing. With little added accessories, it can be rocked under a blazer.
  • Hooded down puffer: though originally sporty wear, it is gradually becoming a fashion item for ladies for the casual look
  • Bottoms
  • Skirts: a lady’s wardrobe must have the essential skirts: knee-length, midi and pencil skirts. These can be for casual or formal events. For colour, black is a first.
  • Pants/ tailored trousers: in tie-waist or pencil-straight, a pair of black pants is a lady’s foundation fashion item. Get a black first. This can be bought off the store or get a good tailor to sew a fitted one for you.
  • Leggings: comfortable casual stretchy bottoms fashion item. Get them in a variety of colours and designs with zips, slits and flares or even stirrups design. With black one as a basic first, leggings with a long stylish top go along with sandals, flats, sneakers and even heels.
  • Printed shorts are like leggings and can have the same effects.
  • Dresses and Blazers:
  • The classic little black dress, complimenting your body shape, with a high neckline and a semi-modest length is an essential item in a fashionable lady’s wardrobe because of its versatility. It can be worn with a colourful blazer and high-heeled shoes to work or worn only with dressy sandals and a purse for an evening event. The LBD is a morning or night cloth item
  • The little white dress: this is the white edition of your classic little black dress.
  • A cocktail dress: will stand you out at a party at any time.  This can be in a variety of colours and materials.
  • Wrap dress: Pairing this with pumps makes you welcome in an evening affair just like with sandals or sneakers you will stand out on a casual occasion.
  • A Black Blazer: for the corporate lady, the black blazer is an essential item as it can be worn to work and board meetings with shirts, blouses and camisoles;  and with jeans for a casual look.
  • Denim:
  • Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: With denim here to stay with mankind, dark wash skinny jeans are a must for a fashionable lady. It can be used to dress up or down. Skinny jeans give an appealing and slimming effect.
  • Straight-leg jeans: a pair of these is a go-everywhere fashion item. They come in different colours, styles and cuts. But blue and black are the basics.
  • Jean Jacket: Get a medium wash piece and look sexy when worn.


  • Pumps: a classic pair of black pumps are the perfect footwear for office, casual or evening dates. Pumps are simple but stylish footwear that can be paired with any outfit.
  • Fashion / Simple Flats: in different colours and styles, flats can be worn with practically anything including a dress, a skirt, shorts, and a pair of jeans.
  • A pair of hot party heels: to go along with your dress for that date, party or night out.
  • Ankle Boots: is easier to slip into and can go into most fashion wears. Get a leather one with manageable height heel, square-ish yet narrow toe, and slim mid-calf silhouette, and you are ready to go.
  • Flat, no-frills leather loafer: is fast becoming classic footwear for women.
  • The chic sneaker/trainers: should be part of your shoe collection because of their comfort, versatility and practicability nature. The choice of colour should start with white. Sneakers, when well combined, always look good.
  • Knitwears:
  • Knit Sweater: this is not just a cold-weather fashion item but multi-purpose wear, especially for the night.  It can be a pullover, a crewneck sweater or even a sexy turtleneck and cardigan. Whether pop over your shoulders, worn alone or over a top, they are a great thing to rock.
  • Native:
  • Ankara fabric: this can be as a short gown, a long gown, booboo, skirt and blouse, or the classic iro and buba.
  • Other fabrics are durable and will stand the test of time in a rapidly changing women’s fashion world.
  • Undergarments:
  • A set of lingerie and underwear, including bras, panties, tights, girdles and others. Your bras should fit properly taking care of your breasts’ shapes and sizes. Invest in good quality undergarments that are perfectly flat on your skin in various cool colours.
  • The luxe sock:  the chic, super-soft socks make your feet enjoy the luxury of pampering as you go about your daily activities in the covered footwear of choice.
  • Accessories:
  • Silk scarf: Worn over the hair or around the neck, the silk scarf has a versatile role to play.
  • Other headwears like a fascinator, cocktail hat and turban for formal outings; scarf cap, beanie cap, Kangol for a chic casual look; and of course your sleep-on cap, shower cap and geles
  • Bags are a must for all women: day bags for essentials (crossbody, tote/carryall, handbag); for the evening, weddings and other parties ‘outings’ (clutch/purse, mini bag, pouch,
  • Eyewear: At least a pair of stylish all-black sunglasses.
  • Pieces of jewellery: in simple designs, including solid watches in gold, silver and leather; a personalized pendant; necklaces bangles and earrings.
  • Quality belts: Black textured leather belt with an elegant gold square buckle is essential for your trousers, jeans, or over a dress.
  • A statement neckpiece
  • Lovely human hair wigs: especially when you have not had the time to go to the hairdresser.
  • Cosmetics: lipstick, blushes, and mascara are essential. You must get the right colour of foundation for your skin.
  • Others
  • A Leather Jacket: A high-quality leather jacket is a long time investment that helps to jazz up your outfits.
  • The Stylish Sweatsuit: sweatsuits are no longer for gyms alone and can get you noticed and admired if they are in trendy designs and worn while out shopping or even used as a nightdress.
  • Sexy negligee: in sexy cool colours to continually arouse your partner in the bedroom.
  • Swimwear: get that sexy bikini or that cool one-shoulder swimsuit with adequate coverage just where you want it.
  • Kimonos: get one and rock with a camisole, blouse or a dress.


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