A dozen great ways to improve your sex life with your partner

Certain activities and plays may help improve your sex life with your partner                                        

Ola Adewale                                                                                                                                                            

Sometimes in the life of a relationship, the sex aspect component can take the back burner. This can be caused by a variety of things: stress, hormonal or both of you might be slipping in the romance department. Then it is time to do a quick review and improve on the activities in the bedroom.

Here are some tips to help in this regard.

Get Physical.

Touch yourselves. Touch your partner whenever you are in the house, and even outside the house. A little bit of PDA is not bad. Spank each other playfully on the bum, tap the shoulders, give a peck, hold hands and cuddle each other on the couch. Sometimes these can lead to a spar and the bedroom.

Have fun together.

Start having fun together especially out of the house. It can be a hobby or any other fun activity – take an evening stroll, play a boxed game. These sometimes help in paying more attention to each other.

Do pillow and dirty talks

Engage your partner in lots of pillow and dirty talks to build excitement. This can help in the foreplay as well as in the after organism. Hold each other and tell one another how much you care, what felt best during the experience.

Share intimacy

Taking a shower together, help each other dress up, cook a special meal together. All these help to connect in the pre or post-sex times. These pre and after sex care makes couples get closer and will naturally create an intimate bond which ultimately improves your sex life.

Send a tantalising text or note.

Cultivate the habit of sending provocative SMS, WhatsApp messages and small notes to your partner. Let the content be imaginative, playful and short telling your partner how you feel about him/ her and what you will like to do to him/her. Use your wildest imagination in composing the message and without any inhibition. You can also include in the message a sex date request after stating what you will like to do to your partner. You can spice these up with special small gifts –flowers, underwear and some other intimate gifts.

Switch locations/ setting.

The action does not necessarily be in the bedroom all the time. Change the places you have sex in the house. Try having sex in the kitchen, the passageway, the couch in the sitting room or the shower. You will be amazed at what the new environment will do to your sex life. You can also change the setting of the usual place. Try playing cool sexual music, especially the favourite of your partner, candle lights or coloured light bulbs.

Try new positions.

Switch from your normal sex position and try something new. At the beginning of the switch, make sure it is something comfortable but interesting and different from what both of you have been used to. Do it standing upright, bending down on your knees or simply putting the pillow under your bum.

Get out of the house.

Once in a while try taking the sex act out of your house, the familiar terrain. Go to a hotel and enjoy being waited upon for a few hours or days without the disturbance of visitors or even your children.

Watch a real sexy film/ materials together.

Watching a provocative romantic and sexy film together might get you in the mood- with some naughty ideas in mind. Watching such films might help the flame alight. Also, read erotic materials together or take turns in reading such.

Dull the senses.

Most times you see, hear or even smile the move. But try blindfolding your partner, use objects like ice cream, ice cubes, menthol oil and others to dull the senses or heighten the expectation. Create suspense and surprise.

Play more on foreplay

Make the foreplay more passionate and a bit longer. Kiss and lick. Try to arouse your partner for the real act. This helps to arouse and put him/her in the right mood for the sex act. It also helps to relax your partner and make sex a real stress buster.

Give your partner an erotic massage. It is not only a professional masseur that should give this to your heartthrob.

Also, use the foreplay time to get down and dirty. Stimulate your partner using your hands. Encourage them to also touch you and themselves. This can send some erotic feelings and sensations to you and your partner. Let your touches be soft and light. Touch the sensitive parts: the clitoris, vulva, testicles, nape of the neck, the ears and other sensitive parts. Watch and note your partner’s reaction as you touch each of these places. Know his/her most sensitive parts.

Get oral

Use your tongue, lips and mouth to give pleasure to your partner. Lick the sensitive parts and take him/her to the real pleasure zones. Let your partner take you around this adventure while you pay attention to his/her reaction. Don’t shy away to ask your partner’s opinion on your moves or show your pleasure or dislike to theirs. Let each other know how you are feeling and don’t shy away from requesting what you want your partner to do.

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